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Meri Shehzadi Episode -19 Review: Interesting buildup but poor execution!

Is Dr Hassan giving mixed signals?

Hum Tv drama serial Meri Shehzadi is inspired by the life journey of Princess Diana. It is not a proper adaptation but a loose one, although the depiction of Diana’s character is poorly done. Performances are average however it is Atiqa Odho jee who is shining out as Shanana, with her brilliant performance the serial seems more Shahana-centric than Dania. And this is the biggest flaw of this serial. In the previous episode, it seems that Dr Hassan is likely to add colour to Dania’s life. In this episode, Dr Hassan is giving mixed signals. And we are wondering if is he really interested in Dania or not.

Shahana is running a slander campaign against Dania all over the media. The media personnel are so insensitive that they start hounding Dania at the hospital too, bombarding her with personal questions not realizing that the poor lady is here to look after her ailing nana. Hassan is like a knight in shining armour who saves the damsel in the distress and it seems that Dania is also a bit carried away by his charms.

Dr Hassan escorts her to his office and there he tried to console her. Well just in that instant Dr Hassan realizes that his act has been already televised! Dr Hassan and Dania are now the talks of the town in an instant. Dania tries to apologize for creating so much trouble for the doctor and he says that “Badaam hvay tu kya hua Naam tu hoga” Dr Hassan also praises Dania’s beauty.

Well Dr Hassan is giving mixed signals at this moment we felt like Dr Hassan and Dania’s scene is on! However, in the following scene when the doctor’s mother comes and she approves of Dania, Dr Hassan’s reaction is so harsh! He straight away opposes this idea by saying that she is a mother of two kids and belongs to an influential family. What does it mean Dr Hassan was just being borderline flirting with her? I think she is just being courteous.

Our heart goes out to Dania but somehow we cannot connect with this character it is so poorly written and executed. At a point, it seems that Dr Hassan is smitten by Dania’s beauty. Being a cardiologist who offers rides to their patients? Dr Hassan does offer Dania’s nana a ride. He also accepts his offer of having coffee with Dania. What does it say? Dr Hassan likes Dania but he is reluctant to make any move because he doesn’t want to get in any trouble. Interesting buildup but poor execution!

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