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Meri Shehzadi Episode-20 Review: Dania snubs on Dr Hassan’s flirtatious attempt

Dania's character is not making any sense!

Hum TV drama serial Meri Shehzadi is 20 episodes down, and the story is going in circles. Performances are good particularly Farhan Saeed’s as Dr Hassan. In the previous episode, we were wondering that is Dania and Dr Hassan’s scene is on or not because Dr Hassan was giving mixed signals. In this episode, it is shown that Dr Hassan is smitten by Dania and he is flirtatious with her.

Well, this is not the very first time we see Dania gaining some courage and being brave for herself and her children but then in the following scene we see her weak side. Dania goes to Shahana’s place to get her children back and for that, she behaves tit for tat. She like a lioness fights for herself and makes Shahana too furious that she loses her cool in front of the public. Shahana even tries to slap her which she successfully stops with her hand. Here Dania is fully in control.

Dania gets her kids back. Then we have a peek into the house of Dr Hassan where his mother and his burger help boy has nothing but to plan Dr Hassan’s setting with Dania. That helps the boy’s getup and his accent are too clean for being a help. He sees Dr Hassan drooling over Dania’s pic and calling her bechari. Well, this is sufficient evidence for a help boy to convince Dr Hassan’s mother to arrange a dinner for Dania.

Dr Hassan’s mother’s affection for Dania seems quite not so typical. She is the mother of two infants and is quite scandalized in the media where as Dr Hassan is an eligible bachelor. Dr Hassan falling for Dania makes sense but her mother taking such initiative seems quite strange. She calling someone else kids her grandsons is quite too good to be a true portrayal of Dr Hassan’s mother.

Dr Hassan although he is agitated with the idea of calling Dania to the dinner, makes sure he does attend them sparing time from his strict schedule. Dr Hassan seems in quite a jubilant mood, he tries to be a bit flirty with Dania. To our surprise, Dania snubs Dr Hassan’s flirtatious attempt. To our disappointment, she is still owning her good-for-nothing husband saying that she cannot bear to hear a word against him. Is Dania making any sense? Dr Hassan keeps himself cool and remains courteous. Later his mother still persists in him thinking about Dania. Should Dania move on and give Dr Hassan a chance?

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