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Meri Shehzadi Episode-21 Review: Dr Hassan is not giving up on Dania

Dania's life is in danger

Hum TV Drama serial Meri Shehzadi is 21 episodes down, This story is inspired by the life story of Princess Diana, but this Dr Hassan part is quite different from Dr Hasanat’s story. Farhan Saeed’s pleasant appearance is adding colour to the screen. In the previous episode, we have seen that Dania snubs Dr Hassan’s flirtatious attempt. In this episode, it emerges that Dr Hassan is not giving up on Dania.

Well as far as we have seen Lady Diana and Dr Hasanat’s story we know that Lady Diana was madly in love with the doctor, it was she who made the first move not him. However, Dania’s story is toned down according to our culture and it is Dr Hassan who is trying to woo Dania. Whereas Dania is being too rude. Why she becomes so angry when she mentions Shehroze? Does she still have feelings for her first love despite knowing the fact that he has betrayed her?

Despite Dania’s rudeness Dr Hassan is not giving up on her. He has tried to create a stronger bond with her nana. Dr Hassan directly shares with Dania’s nana his desire to marry Dania. Well, Dr Hasanat and her mother are too good to be true. Dania’s nana is happy and satisfied with Dr Hassan’s proposal he considers him a gift from Allah for all the hardships Dania has gone through.

Shahana is dying to take her revenge on Dania for her insult and that toxic Andeleeb is fanning her anger. Shahana has made up her mind that she is going to deprive Dania of everything she has, her career, her children and her luxuries all will be taken from her. Does she say that she doesn’t want to kill her off she wants her to suffer then why she has attempted to kill her through that car accident?

Well, it is surely an attempt to kill Dania by Shahana’s hitman but why she has already mentioned that she does not want to kill her? but want to drag her into terrible suffering. Dania’s escape from that accident has not affected Shahana she has not shown any reaction to it. Well, how come a truck has hit a car and the car is badly damaged but there is not a single injury to Dania she is all well too unrealistic! The ending scene is cute when Dr Hassan is playing chess with nana and nana admits that he has won him. Interesting build-up but it seems like the play will have a tragic ending.

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