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Meri Shehzadi Episode-22 Review: Is Shahana slow poisoning Dania?

Cam is testing Shahana's patience

Meri Shehzadi the drama serial running on Hum TV despite having unique premises fails to grip the audience’s interest. The premises is interesting but there are loopholes in writing and mainly in its execution. In the previous episode, we watched that Dr Hassan is not giving up on Dania. In this episode, it seems like Shahana might be slowly poisoning poor Dania.

Dr Hasan is not giving up on Dania his heart beats for her despite Dania’s rude behaviour. She continues to give her cold attitude but Dr Hasan seems concerned for her. Dr Hasan’s mother is too supportive one wonders if is she for real. The story is going in circles. However, there is a major development in this episode it seems like one of the nannies is planted by Moiz and she is on a mission.

One of the nannies out of nowhere brings milk and honey for Dania and tells her that from now onward she will daily going to bring milk for her to drink. How naive and stupid of Dania for believing her as her well-wisher. Never it rings in her mind why all of a sudden the nanny is being too caring. How stupid of Dania to actually take that milk not realizing the fact that her life is at risk, Shahana might have an involvement in a recent accident where a truck hit her car. Is Shahana now slowly poisoning her?

Dania’s character is poorly written and executed, and Urwa fails to make us connect with that character. We actually feel no such sympathy for her, Dania’s character is not as charming as princess of hearts. Not after having that super dizziness and agitation she has realized that this change might have occurred after taking that milk. Cam is also testing Shahana’s patience. Well, that scene of Shahana with her peerni friend is badly executed scene one wonders if that has any political reference.

Cam is giving Shahana a tough time as Cam is now started living in the house on her own terms. She has started partying in CM’s house and Shahana cannot stand this. She ruins the party by ordering Moiz to turn off the main switch. Cam is pissed off, she becomes shocked when Shahana shares that she is planning to get custody of Dania’s sons through court. Dania’s condition is getting worse day by day she is depressed and not even attending political meetings as well. Shahana is setting the ground to prove in court that Dania is not capable of taking care of her own kids. Dania will lose her career and her sons’ custody as well. Will Dr Hasan be able to save Dania?

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