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Meri Shehzadi Episode-6 Review: Dania has to share Shehroze with Cam

Shehroze's mummy calls Cam and his son to their house

Meri Shehzadi Episode-6 Review – Hum TV Drama serial Meri Shehzadi is based on the life of Lady Diana and we have started noticing the similarities although Shehroze’s character is shown worse than Charles in this play. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Dania is forced to accept her fate and also that Cam makes her entry into the scene. In this episode, Dania has left with no choice but to share Shehroze with Cam.

Dania is being schooled by Shehroze’s mummy to not tell any family secrets to Nana Nani especially not anything related to Cam. Dania assures her that she has not told anything about Cam. She is being appreciated by her for being a good daughter-in-law. When she is about to have her lunch she comes to know that Cam has arrived on Mummy’s call as she wants to meet her and her son.

Dania gets really disturbed by Cam’s arrival. Although mummy has called Cam she has shown her the mirror. She has told her that she has no comparison with her daughter-in-law as she is Muslim and is our blood. She is being too rude to say that she is way prettier than Cam. She further tells her that she is merely her son’s love and that love which they cannot announce in public

Dania is super upset on Cam’s arrival she is confronted by Shehroze who is shown to be a super mean person. She asked him that when she is being promised that Cam will never come home then how come she has arrived? Shehroze reminds her that she is his second wife and she is his first, crushing Dania’s feelings. Later when Dania says that she is been deceived by him he yells at her saying that her father knows his reality. Well, I don’t agree father knowing and hiding the truth from her is not equal.

When Dania starts to cry Shehroze starts being sweet and lovely to her. Poor Dania falls for him yet again but then it is shown that in the middle of the night he goes straight to his lady love and embraces her. Dania sees Shehroze embracing his first wife she feels betrayed and heartbroken. I don’t understand why she is not leaving Shehroze what is stopping her? How can she hopelessly be in love with a man who lied to her and is already married? Dania goes to Nana’s place to share her heart with him but then Nani gets a heart attack before she can share anything with them.

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