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Meri Shehzadi Episode-7 Review: Dania loses her biggest support her grandmother

Cam leaves the house with her son

Hum Tv drama serial Meri Shehzadi is based on Lady Diana’s life and we started to notice hues of it in this play. Zanjabeel Asim Shah has very artistically penned this story on a unique landscape. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Dania has no choice but to share her husband, Shehroze with Cam. In this episode, it is shown that Dania lost her biggest support her grandmother.

Dania when she sees Sheroze betraying her in the middle of the night and embracing his first love, Dania gets heartbroken she goes to her grandparent’s house the next day. She has partially spoken her heart out to Nana but before she could tell the whole matter Sharfoo runs out of the house breaking the news that Nani Amma has fainted. Dania rushes to the hospital with her Nana.

Shehroze when come to know that Dania is not home, tells his mom about her absence and also that he has gone to her grandparents’ home. They both are worrying that she might not tell them the whole story. Cam out of jealousy passes remarks about Dania I am wondering how come Dania’s father has tolerated those remarks what kind of father he is? Pathetic. Cam gets the right about of dose of insult from Shahana as the response.

Dania’s Nani is on her death bed doctors have told her that she has very little time left. Dania’s Nani talk to her is quite heart-touching. She warns her of her father’s second wife telling her that she is a vile lady and to be aware of her venom and jealousy. Poor Dania has no idea how to protect herself from her jealousy. She listens to Nani’s advice carefully and no matter what happens she should not share her worries with anyone always and have to pose like she is happy and content with her life, this is the only way she can beat her jealousy.

Dania’s father’s conversation with Dania’s grandmother is also very heartwarming. We come to know that Zunaira was his love of life and he is his second wife’s love. So if he is his wife’s beloved then why he is so much in control of her why he is that obedient? Dania lost her biggest support her grandmother, to be honest, her death scene is quite exaggerated. Shehroze is there at Dania’s side to console her while Cam takes his son along with her and leaves the house. Shahana tells Shehroze that he now needs to have a child from Dania and he needs to forget Cam as his past.

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