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Meri Shehzadi Episode- 8 Review: Cam holds a press conference claiming to be Sheroze’s wife

Dania is trying to cover Shehroze in front of her nana

Hum tv drama serial Meri Shehzadi is a unique play with a different landscape, well written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah. Performances are all good but at places, I find Urwa Hocane’s dialogue delivery as whisper talk. In the previous episode, we have seen that poor Dania lost her grandmother her biggest support. In this episode, it is shown that Cam holds a press conference claiming to be Shehroze’s wife.

Shehroze is staying at Dania’s place all the time to console her at her grandmother’s death. However, during his stay, he is desperately trying to call Cam but she is not picking up his phone. Shehroze then calls his Almas Chachi to convince Cam to pick his call up. In the meantime he is also trying to be nice to Dania, he is a proto-politician who is diplomatically treating everyone.

Shehroze is trying to cash these moments of the death of Dania’s grandmother just like a typical politician. He calls the press conference at Dania’s grandfather’s house in which he announces that his family is passing through hard times as he lost his grandmother-in-law who happens to be his father’s mumani and also his chacha’s mother-in-law. He further calls for a grand funeral to which all politicians are invited.

I really like Dania’s father manning up, the way he confronts his jealous wife and warns her not to conspire anything against his daughter because he will not let her daughter get hurt. Almas is resolute that she to ruin Dania. Well in the mid of the funeral all of a sudden out of nowhere people start gossiping and murmuring about a video that gets viral in which Cam is holding a press conference and she openly claims Shehroze as her husband and father of her son. Shehroze denies this video in front of the people but he is clearly disturbed.

Dania is covering this up too in front of the people and even in front of her grandfather, she says that it is merely a false allegation against Shehroze. Shehroze has made up his mind to leave Cam but Almas is trying to stop him from doing that and the reason is obviously her jealousy of Dania. Shahana clearly tells Shehroze to cut off all ties with Cam and divorce her. Shehroze says it is difficult to divorce her as she can claim half of his property. Shahana asks him to do anything to get rid of her and focus on Dania as the elections are near.

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