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Meri Shehzadi Episode-9 Review: Dania’s nana comes to know about Sheroze’s reality

Cam shares her marriage photos and Sheroze's voice note with the media

Hum TV drama serial Meri Shehzadi is a play which seems quite engaging and has a unique story line. Performances are good but Urwa Hovcane’s whisper talk seems pretty annoying at certain points. In the previous episode we have seen that Cam holds a press conference claiming to be Sheroze’s first wife and Sheroze to be father of her child. In this episode it is shown that Cam goes further she shares photos and Sheroze’s voice note with the media.

Despite of his mother forbidding him not to contact Cam, Sheroze sends her a bitter voice note in which he tells her that she has fallen from her place and that he is leaving him. Sheroze’s mother asks him to bring Dania back home and she tells him to forget about Cam and start his life with Dania as it is important for their political career. Atiqa Odho has very smartly performed this role.

Well Dania’s nana (maternal grandfather) is little reluctant to send Dania back he is anxious to know that who that girl is? On which Dania tries to comfy him by saying that she is nothing but a trap by the rivals to tarnish Sheroze’s reputation. Dania’s nana gets relax to see Dania being happy with Sheroze. The three of them does a press conference to deny all such allegations in which Sheroze denounce his relationship with Cam calling it an allegation. He says that he is not her husband nor father of her son.

This has really made Cam mad and as a reaction, she issues her marriage photos and the last voice note Sheroze has sent to her on phone where he is taunting her about their lost love and relationship and telling her that he is divorcing her. Now Sheroze is in real mess. This news is making waves in the media and even his own party is questioning about his credibility and his relationship with Cam.

Dania’s nana also watched this news and his world turns upside down. He goes straight at Dania’s house and dodging the guard he goes straight to Dania’s chamber. Dania and Sheroze tries their best to convince nana that the voice note is fake and Dania assures him that she is very happy with her married life. Nana is convinced but Shahana ruins everything. She makes a drama of begging his forgiveness and confessing in front of him about Sheroze’s first marriage. Nana is shocked and disgusted to know that he is being fooled by his own nephews! Will Nana going to let Dania live there after knowing all the reality?

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