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Mohabbat Tujhay Alvida Episode-4 Review: Spectacular old school romance

We are loving Ulfaat and Shahaan's romantic scenes

Mohabbat Tujhay Alvida Episode-4 ReviewIn this episode Spectacular old school romance - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Mohabbat Tujhay Alvida the drama serial running at HUM TV is becoming one of our favorite watches with the crackling chemistry of Sonya Hassan and Zahid Ahmed. Mansha Pasha is also looking very gorgeous in her role. Despite all the hype and some truth of being a Bollywood rip out, the play is successful in grabbing our attention and making us glued to the screens. It seems to be quite an intense yet beautiful love trio.

The episode begins when Ulfaat is insisting Shahaan to join back his office. Shahaan’s ego is now not making any sense when he knows that his boss is feeling guilty over her behavior and he has to pay off his loan and there are numerous other expenses but still he is showing his ego. Can he afford this kind of attitude? Well, eventually he has to succumb to his wife’s demand to join back the office.

Well, we are enjoying Shahaan and Ulfaat’s sizzling chemistry and their old school romance. It looks so cute and adorable of Shahaan of leaving his boss’s lunch offer and rushing back to his house to spend the beautiful moments of rain with Ulfaat where Ulfaat is waiting for him with yummy pakoras. He does that because he has promised Ulfaat that whenever it rains he will leave all his tasks and will come to spend these precious moments with her as for him she is most important in his life.

The character of Shafak is a bit revealed in this episode, she has a troubling past, a failed marriage which seems to be an abusive relationship. It is shown that her past is still haunting her and now when she sees Shahaan romancing with his wife all the time, she has started developing feelings of awe for him. She is clearing showing inclinations towards him by offering him lunch then for coffee calling him home and then riding on his bike. She also makes sure that Shahaan calls her by her name instead of calling her ma’am.

Ulfaat is happy and very cool to know that boss is being nice with Shahaan. She herself helps him in dressing up for the coffee date. She wants him to impress his boss and not for a single second she is having any feelings of envy. When her mother tells her to be aware of such situation and to be careful she still is not feeling much insecure and jealous but she gets little affected and gives him a call teasing him of having a date with his boss asking him is she more beautiful than her? Shafak has realized that too for Shahaan, Ulfaat means the world to him. She can only desire to be loved like that in this way.

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