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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-16 Review: Too much drama to handle

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida the drama serial running at HUM TV seems to be getting so much exaggerated. This episode is full of drama, with hints of overacting. As compared to previous episodes, Sonya Hussyn’s act is getting way beyond understanding!

Ulfaat is doing Yoga, socializing with ladies, and doing everything which she thinks is cool but she is not realizing that her attitude is what needed to be fixed. She is sidelining Shafaq all the time, she has not even set a room for her. Shahaan is aware of Shafaq’s ill behavior, it is making him restless he tries to fix this imbalance but Ulfaat’s anger gets out of the proportion.

Shahaan adds a picture of Shafaq in the picture frame of him and Ulfaat’s and calls it a complete picture. Ulfaat burns when she sees this picture hanging on the wall. She starts shouting in fact screeching her lungs out and she starts threatening Shahaan that she will ruin everything, she takes the frame and smashes it on the floor and later she sprinkles petrol on it and sets the frame on fire!

Despite Shahaan’s stopping her and warning her, Ulfaat burns the frame and in return, she gets a tight slap from Shahaan for the very first time in her life. Ulfaat is in a state of shock. She starts blaming Shafaq for that and she has the audacity to ask Shafaq to leave the house. She is not realizing the fact that this house is bought with her money and also that if Shafaq tells Shahaan the reality about Ulfaat he will not accept her. Shafaq’s father sees Ulfaat dragging her out of her house. He shares his heartbreaking sentiments with Shahaan.

Shahaan lost his mind to hear that Ulfaat misbehaves with Shafaq’s father. He calls her, snubs her, and is about to divorce her when her mother faints and Ulfaat’s marriage is saved. It seems that money has not that much corrupted Ulfaat, her heart still beats for her Khala. She seeks her forgiveness. Well, why Shafaq is silently enduring everything why not she is taking a stand? Why not she gives Ulfaat a reality check on the money about which she is showing this attitude? Also why she does not threaten Ulfaat that she will tell Shahaan her reality that she has sold him for 10 Crores.

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