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Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Episode-11 Review: Shafaq attempts suicide

Shahaan has realized that Shafaq passionately loves him


Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida the drama serial running at HUM TV is quite questionable in terms of its theme which is wrong at so many levels. Boss eyeing on her married employee and then she deals with his wife against 15 Crores. Shafaq is so desperate for her employee that when he refuses to marry her she attempts suicide. Performances were on point. Sonya Hassyn, Zahid Ahmed and Mansha Pasha have given brilliant performances in this episode.

In the previous episode we have seen that despite Shafaq’s desperate advances, Shahaan (Zahid Ahmed) clearly refuses her and leaves her office. He tells Ulfaat (Sonya Hassyn) that Shafaq’s chapter is closed from his life now as he has resigned and now no one is going to disturb their married life. Shafaq (Mansha Pasha) calls Shahaan and there she tells him that she is not going to disturb him ever as she is going to attempt suicide.

Well, this is once again a way to trap Shahaan, as he rushes towards Shafaq’s house and there he finds her unconscious at her bedroom because she has gulped too many tablets. Shafaq’s father (Javaid Shaikh) snubs Shahaan making him responsible for this incident not realizing that somewhere he himself is also responsible for his daughter’s condition. If he would have stopped Shafaq from this madness way before she would not have gone that far.

Shafaq is taking Shahaan’s name when she has not properly gained consciousness. Shafaq’s father has realized the importance of Shahaan. He goes to Shahaan’s place and begs him to come with him and save his daughter. Shahaan who is feeling guilty on all this matter goes with him to the hospital and there he calls Shafaq’s name and she is back to her senses. Shafaq recovers and it seems that she is also been able to recover some of her lost self-respect. She herself tells Shahaan to leave and also that their chapter is now being closed forever.

Ulfaat like Shafaq is too devoid of self-respect, she gets mad when she gets to know that Shafaq has stepped back and she has ended all this matter. She shamelessly goes at Shafaq’s place and reminds her of her deal. Shafaq says that she cannot marry Shahaan and if she is worrying about the money she will give her she does not have to worry. Well, this is the only reason what Ulfaat is worrying for but she pretends that money is not a matter for her, she thinks of her like her own sister and blah blah all Ulfaat’s drama is a bit over the top. Has Shahaan also developed some sort of feelings for Shafaq? as he has admitted that Shafaq seems to love him more than Ulfaat.

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