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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-13 Review: Ulfaat’s dream of becoming rich comes true overnight

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida the drama serial airing at HUM TV is getting quite over the top. Ulfaat is now envying Shafaq and Shahaan’s proximity, as Ulfaat’s status changes with this marriage and she becomes a rich lady overnight. In this particular episode, Sonya Hussyn’s act seems a bit overdosed with overacting. But we enjoyed  Mansha Pasha and Zahid Ahmed’s performances.

The episode begins with Shafaq and Shahaan’s wedding night scene. Shahaan is as romantic with her as he used to be with Ulfaat. Ulfaat brings bed tea for Shahaan but Shahaan is worrying that he has to make tea for Shafaq, he tells about the promise he has made with Shafaq to make tea for her daily in the morning. Ulfaat is feeling extremely envious of seeing that Shahaan is as romantic with Shafaq like he used to be with her.

Another over the top scene is when Shahaan gives a  gold bracelet to Ulfaat the one Shafaq has refused to take. When Ulfaat knows that it is the same bracelet that Ulfaat has refused, she goes straight to her room and insults her. The most exaggerated scene is that when she asks Shafaq to throw the gold bracelet in the dustbin! Ulfaat is not yet that rich to throw such expensive stuff like that.

Ulfaat is going to tally her prize bond number with the list in the newspaper and this time as a lucky charm she makes Shafaq touch the bond and then tells Shahaan to check the number for her. To Shahaan’s surprise, Ulfaat has won 10 Crores Prize bond. Ulfaat is on cloud nine. She has become a rich lady and that too overnight. The dream of her life has finally materialized.

Well, it seems that Ulfaat is not going to carry this sudden change of her status gracefully. The way she arranges a function is too over the top, heavily caricatured. The makers of the play have exaggerated the scene so much so that it looks like a farce. The buffoonery is quite out of proportion. Ulfaat is now living her dream, she is buying the clothes she likes, going to salon pampering herself. Well besides all this, she is still feeling envious when she sees Shafaq doing Shahaan’s work. It is quite natural for her to be jealous as Shafaq is sharing her husband, her love of life. Will Ulfaat be able to gracefully carry her upgraded status or will she get swayed with all this money?

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