Money Heist Season 4 Review: The Game is On!

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the fourth season of the highly anticipated series, Money Heist has been trending on number 1 since it released yesterday.

We had to wait for 9 long months after season 3 first premiered but whatever it is, it has been every minute worth the wait.

Suspense and thrill have been multiplied four times in the fourth season and one just cannot wait to binge-watch the entire series because that is exactly what I did.

Picking up from exactly where the last season ended, the fourth season sees the professor in a fix as slowly one by one all his plans backfire.

Without giving away in spoilers about whether Nairobi survives and whether the professor finds out about Raquel’s fake execution, we’ll tell you just that, the fourth season tests the professor’s intelligence and the tolerance level of his team to the maximum.

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But two things we’ll tell you, Gandia causes a lot of mayhem for the gang members inside the bank and Palermo just adds to the trouble. In fact, Palermo, after Tokyo assumes command, is more than ready to dessert the entire gang, for his own well being. Does he do that? Does the gang split up? What happens to Artruto, watch the season to find out because giving away spoilers is no fun at all.

The professor and his gang declared war against the authorities in season 3 and it has only intensified in the fourth season. This is nowhere the end so perhaps we should be ready for season 5 because there is just so much to unfurl just yet.

Also, Alicia Seirra causes more than just trouble for the professor and his gang but this tough negotiator is nowhere near accepting defeat. Even when things fall for her, she tries her best to reclaim herself, without the help of the authorities.

The fourth season ends on another high point but things definitely look up for the gang as they prepare to take this war they declared to the next level. And that is going to be something big!

As far as performances are concerned of course it is Alvaro Morte (Professor) and Ursula Corbero (Tokyo) that take the lead. However, not even one performer can be set aside because each one delivers their best. My personal favorite after the professor and Tokyo has to be Jose Manuel who plays Gandia.

Laiba Sabeen

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