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Muhabbat Tujhae Alvida Ep-8 Review: Shahaan gets extremely disturbed on hearing Ulfaat’s demand to marry Shafaq

The new episode of Muhabbat Tujhae Alvida,  the play running at HUM TV, has taken a new turn. As Ulfaat agrees to let Shafaq marry her husband by demanding her 10 Crores on which Shafaq agrees! Shafaq (Mansha Pasha) says that she will give Ulfaat (Sonya Hussyn) 15 Crores. Performances by the lead cast were on spot but the story has a few loopholes.

Ulfaat lies with her mother in law that she is going to a shrine, instead, she visits Shafaq’s house who made her wait at the front gate of her house, well Shafaq’s attitude is making no sense but when she is about to go the guard let her in and there Shafaq pretends as if she does not know about her coming. She becomes all sweet in front of her and treating her like the way she used to treat her.

Ulfaat shamelessly confesses in front of Shafaq that she is ready to accept her demand on her own set condition, Shafaq says that she is more than happy to hear this and she is ready to accept whatever she says. Ulfaat agrees to let her marry her husband but for that, she has to give her 10 Crore rupees. To which Shafaq says that she will give her 15 Crores, 5 Crores as gift and she will always be Shahaan’s first wife and her status will never get affected. Well, it sounds so weird when Ulfaat demands that she needs all her money in cash and Shafaq agrees on that!

Ulfaat literally feeling no regrets over her shameless act and moreover in such shamelessness she asks Shahaan to marry his boss Shafaq and insists that there is no harm in marrying her and he should marry her as she needs a good partner. We are wondering that why Shahaan has not mistaken Ulfaat’s this demand as a bad joke why he is being serious on such ridiculous demand and when he scolds her, she is still insisting him to marry her. Ulfaat creates a big drama she is not talking with Shahaan in protest and Shahaan is extremely disturbed on Ulfaat’s idiotic demand.

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Well why not for a single second Shahaan is getting angry with Shafaq and why he does not make out the reason for Shafaq getting close with Ulfaat and showering her with expensive gifts? Has he never felt that Shafaq is inclined towards him? Instead of showing his anger on Shafaq, he is being silent when she asks him to share his problem. Shafaq holds Shahaan’s hand and tells him that he can share whatever he feels as she is not just his boss but his friend too on which Shahaan takes off his hand and just nods without saying any word to her. Well, Shafaq’s behavior is a classic example of female version of workplace harassment.

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