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Mujhay Beta Chahiye – Episode 6 Review

Is this the end of Rubina’s Reign in Salman’s house?


Another week, another amazing episode of Sadia Jabbar Productions’ Mujhay Beta Chahiye. With every episode, the story of this drama becomes more interesting and emotional.

This week, Salman and Rubina attend an office party where Rubina meets Salman’s friends and their wives for the first time since her third daughter’s birth. During the party, someone congratulates them and mistakes their daughter for a son. Hearing this, Salman almost loses his mind and starts bashing Rubina in front of everyone. Eventually, he storms off from the venue, leaving Rubina behind.


When he returns home, Salman sees Jahanara in his bedroom wearing Rubina’s saree. Just when they are having a moment, Rubina comes in the room and in shock and disgust, slaps Jahanara. This leads to another fight between the couple. The next day, Salman’s mother kicks Jahanara and Shareefan out of the house, after realizing their motives, but they end up in Salman’s office. After a lot of emotional blackmail from Jahanara and Shareefan, Salman brings them back to the house, much to the disappointment of his mother and wife.

Once again, Sabreen Hisbani stuns the viewers with her on-point expressions and perfect timing. She brings life to Rubina’s character and gives the viewers a glimpse into her misery, which makes them sympathize with her. Similarly, Shahood Alvi brings out Salman’s petty male ego tremendously. His character is not only being unreasonable, but cruel as well. On the other hand, Aiza Awan’s performance is becoming more refined and polished week after week. Her character is finally becoming her own person and turning out to be a vital player in this story.

Week after week, we see new problems emerging for Rubina and new tactics from Jahanara. We’ll wait to see what is next in store for them both.

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