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Mujhay Beta Chahiye Episode 8: Another tragedy strikes Rubina

The latest episode was a tragic episode portraying the emotional turmoil that Rubina is now going through. A play by Sadia Jabbar Productions, and directed by Asim Ali, Mujhay Beta Chahiye touches upon a sensitive social issue of gender discrimination. It also talks about how a man’s ego can ruin a happy household and how third parties benefit from the constrained relationships between a husband and a wife.

The latest episode mainly depicted the tough times Rubina has now been inflicted with, including Salman’s growing interest in Jahanara. As the episode begins, Rubina is seen running around looking for her daughter who had left the school on her own. However, luckily she is able to get to her on time and saves her daughter from some horrible evil.

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Later on, her newborn daughter is shown suffering from high fever and has to be taken immediately to the hospital. However, as time is wasted in arguments between Salman and Rubina, the child passes away since they reach the hospital late.

Salman’s newborn daughter passes away, Rubina is grief-stricken as she hears about the death of her daughter and is inconsolable. ( oyeyeah.com )

Rubina is grief-stricken as she hears about the death of her daughter and is inconsolable. She blames Salman for her loss, as he was not there when she needed him.

On the other hand, we see how coldhearted and insensitive Jahanara and Shareefan really are. The manner in which they behave at the death of the child is completely resentful and Shagufta Aijaz and Aiza Awan have done complete justice to their villainous roles.

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Where at one hand they have been successful in gathering the sympathies of Salman, Jahanara has also been successful in trapping Salman for herself. He has completely fallen for her and while Rubina is there facing all these tragedies, he is busy celebrating Jahanara’s birthday and proposing her for marriage.

Salman is busy celebrating Jahanara’s birthday and proposing her for marriage. ( oyeyeah.com )

The star of the latest episode was Sabreen Hisbani as Rubina. She gave a really powerful performance and her expressions and dialogue delivery were such that truly made the audience feel for her. It was heart-wrenching to see Rubina mourning for her daughter and Sabreen Hisbani’s top-notch performance made it truly realistic.

Similarly, Shahood Alvi’s performance is also worth appreciating as he shows a variety of emotions from being stone-hearted to guilty.

The preview of the next episode showed that Jahanara will make more efforts to move her agenda and trap Salman further into marrying her as soon as possible. Let’s see how the story progresses henceforth in Mujhay Beta Chahiye.

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