Mujhay Beta Chahiye Moving Smoothly Towards an Eye Opening Ending!

Mujhay Beta Chahiye is a drama that boldly talks about our dominating male society and how much of importance it is to have a male child in the family. The show is written by Abdul Khaliq Khan and directed by Asim Ali, starring Sabreen Hisbani as Rubina, Shahood Alvi as Salman, Aiza Awan as Jahan Ara and Shagufta Ejaz as Jahan Ara’s mother.

Mujhay Beta Chahiye is not another typical drama that entertains the audience with a clichéd story. The scene goes above and beyond the underlying problem to show the consequences of living in such a society.

The story starts with Salman and Rubina, a happily married couple with two beautiful daughters who are loved dearly by their family. Although Salman loves his daughters, deep down, he desires a son.

The drama in this stage shows that men may love their daughters, but they still want to have sons because they still have the same mentality of sons carrying their family name forward or being the support in their old age.

With the birth of their third daughter, Salman completely loses his hope, and he only cares about his desire for a son. Jahan Ara and her mother come in the picture, and they are two cunning women who trap men for money. They find Salman vulnerable to the desire of a son and take this as a reason to marry him. Salman, who has lost his hope with Rubina, falls in the traps of Jahan Ara and gets married to her.

The story now takes an ugly turn. Jahan Ara and her mother play their cards correctly, and step by step, poison Salman’s minds towards Rubina and her daughters. Soon Salman reaches a point where he despises his daughters, rejects Rubina, and even mistreats his mother.

Where all this happens, the drama shows the face of a woman when troubles hit her. The dominating male society may think she would fall, but this is where she rises above all. Rubina realizes she has two daughters and a mother in law to take care of, so she starts taking up jobs to earn for them.

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Rubina, a naïve and home sheltered woman, embarks on a journey of hard work fighting against all the tortures at the hands of her husband and his second wife.

Salman, on the other hand, has lost it all. He incurs a massive loss in business when everything gets burnt in his factory. He even kidnaps his daughter for money and gets sent to jail. When he comes back home, he finds Jahan Ara with another man who gives him a hint of realization that he trusts the wrong woman.

Mujhay Beta Chahiye is at a point right now where Rubina has gained power in her life, and she is independently taking care of herself and his daughters. A slap on the face of our dominating male society, who feel women cannot function alone. On the other hand, there is Salman, who has nothing left in his hands, money, house, nor wife.

The drama is coming to a near end, and we cannot wait to see what will happen next!

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