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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-10 Review: Life is so unfair with Saad!

Areeb starts doubting Maheer

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha drama serial airing at ARY Digital is down with 10 episodes. Being a cliched story, Wahaaj seems the only saving grace of this show. Our heart goes out to poor Saad. In the previous episode, we watched Saad postpone the ruksati after Nikkah with Maheer. In this episode, it is shown that Areeb’s mother has successfully sown a seed of doubt in his mind against Maheer.

The opening scene of Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha in this episode is the first conversation between Maheer and Saad after their nikkah. The way Maheer says that he has no idea what kind of pain she is going through is so heartbreaking. Our heart goes out to Poor Saad. Maheer is so oblivious to Saad’s feelings for her. How can this be possible? Is she that naive? She thinks that Saad has married her out of sympathy.

Life is being too harsh with poor Saad, he has also gotten Maheer’s father’s medical reports. Unfortunately, the report is not good. It is good to portray this so realistically that he WhatsApp his uncle’s reports to his friend to consult it with his Dr Uncle. Maheer’s father is suffering from renal failure and only Saad knows that fact. Saad is temporarily hiding this news even from his uncle but how long he will keep the patient in dark?

Areeb’s world turned upside down poor guy has lost his father and also his love of life. He is truly blaming his mother for his fate. Angeline Malik’s performance seems short in this play and the also other family way starts making Areeb doubt Maheer is shown so wishy-washy. Areeb starts doubting Maheer well on what grounds he is blaming Maheer? It is he who has not informed her family on his own wedding day! No sympathy for Areeb. It seems that there is going to be another girl in his life.

Maheer already thinks that Areeb has betrayed him, it seems like the ground is set for Maheer and Saad’s rukhasti. Maheer is broken and she feels betrayed by Areeb. That fire incident is very smartly done. Saad feels like Maheer is trying to take her own life whereas, in reality, it was just an accident. Saad telling her “Tum nay humara nahi soucha humara kya hota agar tum ko kuch hojata” is so heart breaking. The episode ends up with Saad saying that if she asks he will leave her. Our heart goes out to both Saad and Maheer they should end up together.

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