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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-11 Review: Neelo turns the tables

Maheer and Saad's ruksaati decided on an early age

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is eleven episodes down. This episode in particular is fortune-reversing for Saad, Bravo to Neelo for doing what Saad could not have done for himself by telling the truth. In the previous episode, we are feeling bad for Saad. In this episode through Neelo, it is a kind of relief for the audience.

Our heart goes out to poor Saad who is thinking that Maheer attempted to burn herself. He is consoling her saying that ” tumne soucha humara kya hota tyumharay baad” She has not told Saad in clear words that she was not attempting suicide her dupatta caught fire accidentally. Saad tells Maheer that he will leave her if she asks for it. Maheer’s mother is eavesdropping on this whole conversation.

We are literally tired of watching Saad’s self-sacrifice mode. He loves Maheer deeply but it does not mean that he will have to carry the whole burden of the blame on himself. Maheer and her mother both are selfish as they both want Saad to take the whole blame on him and for that, he may face the wrath of his father and uncle. Maheer is not moving out of the heartbreak she knows how much Saad loves her but why she seems so oblivious to his feelings for her? Maheer is not a nice character, she actually does not deserve Saad.

Is it really important to show people or society in such a negative light? The guests at Saad’s place are simply horrible no one talks like that to face. Maheer half-heartily attends them while their expectation from the bride is too high they were demanding to have tea made by her which she excuses. This guest’s visit and their taunts have put Saad’s mother and Neelo’s moods off. This time Neelo takes a stand for her brother and despite Saad’s stopping her, she tells the truth to her parents that it is actually Maheer who likes Abeer, Saad loves Maheer and that is why he saved her by refusing to marry her.

Well, bravo to Neelo for turning the tables. Saad’s father’s reaction seems a bit over the top but to be honest it is such a relief to see Maheer’s mother being questioned on it. Poor Saad had faced his uncle’s wrath because of that mean lady. Saad’s father has given the early possible date which is the coming Friday for Saad and Maheer’s ruksati. Poor Saad is feeling sorry for Maheer but Maheer says she is ready to accept her fate. She accepts her mistakes and appreciates Saad despite her mother feeding her mind against him. By the way, Maheer’s mother is not making any sense.


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