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Mujhe pyaar Hua Tha Episode-16 Review: Will Maheer leave Saad for Areeb?

Maheer's oblivion behavior is eating up Saad

Ary Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is one intense play whose saving gracing is its character Saad. It is one of the best performances of Wahaj Ali. In the previous episode, we have seen that there is less logic and more drama. In this episode we see the more intense situation, despite all adversity which has happened with Areeb, he fails to gain our sympathies, our hearts only go out to Saad.

Saad offering Maheer to take him to Areeb’s place for his father’s condolence is the level of his greatness of epic proportions. Maheer tells him that she does not know where he lives. It seems that Maheer somehow does not like Saad mentioning Areeb. What does it mean? Why Saad’s words are hurting Maheer? Maheer still persistent to iron his shirt seems like she has accepted her relationship with Saad.

Then there is a very important scene where Maheer’s mother asks her to discard her childhood belongings but despite her melancholic state of mind she keeps her childhood belongings and brings them to her room. She is cherishing her childhood memories which are full of Saad’s memories as well. Those are the gifts Saad has given her and then the essay she writes about Saad as her best friend. All of them bring a smile to her face. Well, friendship is the first step of love. Maheer is unaware but she also has deep feelings for Saad which she names friendship.

Well, this play and its plot I don’t know reminds me of Wuthering Heights Catherine. I don’t know why I find a similarity between Maheer and the character Catherine. Catherine claims that she is Heathcliff but she cannot marry him as she loves her husband too. Similar like her Maheer has feelings for both guys. For Saad, her feelings are much deeper but she names it friendship while she claims that she only loves Areeb well in real she is mistaking infatuation for love.

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Areeb’s breakdown fails to create any sympathy for that character although he has faced tragedy our heart goes out to Saad only. Saad deserves all the love but to be honest he does not deserve such a selfish girl in his life. Maheer’s oblivion behaviour is gradually eating up Saad. Neelo’s scene is quite a powerful one, still, Maheer has not realized how deeply Saad loves her. Areeb is approaching Maheer and he pleads her to come back to his life. We are wondering if Maheer is going to leave Saad for Areeb.

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