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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-21 Review: Saad lost his biggest support, his father

Our heart goes out for poor Saad

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha has taken a very tragic turn with Sarwat Sahab’s untimely death. Performances by the lead characters are good. This episode belongs to Rabiya Kulsoom and Wahaj Ali’s brilliant performances. In the previous episode, we have seen Saad’s father getting into a critical state. In this episode, Saad’s father’s death raises the question of whether is Maheer responsible for his death or not.

The opening scene is where Sarwat Sahab is shocked by his friend Hummayun’s accusations about his family and his breaking Neelo’s engagement. He gets into cardiac arrest and gets fainted on the spot. Saad instead of taking him to the hospital calls the doctor at home and he confirms that Sarwat Sahab is no more. With this confirmation, Saad and his family’s world turns upside down.

Well, that typical toxic neighbor ladies are present at the funeral and they actually become the reason to provoke Neelo. Neelo at the funeral of her own father loses her cool and she starts blaming Maheer for his father’s death in front of all the people. Neelo’s anger is justified but it is also raising a question that can we hold Maheer responsible for his uncle’s death?

Well in my view, yes Maheer is responsible for all the doom she has brought to Saad’s family including Neelo’s engagement breaking but death and life are in the hands of Allah. She cannot be blamed for it and Saad is clear about it so he is taking Maheer’s side but he cannot shun his sister like that so he asks her to move to her house for a while. Maheer’s father rightly questions her for her conduct. She truly deserves this snubbing from her father. She is still in contact with Areeb. The good thing is that in this episode they have shown a less selfish and more caring side of Maheer.

Our heart goes out to poor Saad. He does not deserve this fate at all. He has lost his biggest support in this world. A huge responsibility has been bestowed on his shoulders. Wahaaj has nailed his character, his breaking-out scene is breaking our hearts. That Maheer’s friend track seems additional what significance it will going to have in the future? will Maheer going to doubt Saad for her? How come all of a sudden Areeb come to know that Faha had a hand in Saad’s arrest and this has become the reason for his father’s death? Anabia is such an annoying friend she is on a mission to break Saad and Maheer’s marriage. Well, it is hard to watch this serial only watching for Wahaaj’s phenomenal performance.

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