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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-22 Review: Saad faces another challenge on financial front!

Poor Saad is carrying the burden of his father's loan

ARY Digital’s drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is  22 episodes down. The story has turned tragic for Saad. Performances by the lead cast are good, Zaviyar is average and there are a couple of performances that seem short by the supporting cast be it Anabia, Faha or the girl who helps Saad all their performances are poor. In the previous episode, we saw Saad lose his father. In this episode, Saad faces another challenge on the financial front.

Saad asks Maheer to stay in her parent’s portion so that she does not have to face Neelo’s wrath. Well, Anabia comes to see Maheer and she offers to stay at her place. Maheer is the dumbest girl ever, she knows that Saad is passing through a difficult time and she needs to be at his side but no she agrees to go with Anabia. Anabia is one character that does not make any sense.

Anabia seems to have no moral values all she cares is about his friend Areeb. Anabia knows that Maheer is now a married woman still she tries to arrange Areeb and Maheer’s meeting. Maheer shows some dignity she clearly refuses Areeb when he suggests her to leave Saad. Well, poor Saad overhears what Areeb has said to her and he is so broken that he goes back without hearing what Maheer replied to Areeb.

Our heart goes out to poor Saad who is so shattered. He truly trusts his wife but his wife despite being at his side is staying at her cousin’s place and meeting her ex-lover. One feels the pain Saad is going through. Well, the writer has not stopped here she wants Saad to suffer more. Saad receives a bank notice where he comes to know that his late father has taken a 50 Lacs loan from a bank for business and lost that money as well. Bank has given notice for the loan payback.

Poor Saad is facing another challenge now on the financial front as well. He is so burdened. Neelo suggests him to sell the house but Saad is not ready for that. Saad is taking help from Maheer’s friend which seems absurd but to see them together in the mall Anabia is trying to put a seed of doubt in her mind. Maheer’s father gives Neelo house papers so they sell off the house to pay the loan but Maheer’s mother creates lots of fuss about that. Maheer comes back home when she sees a scene going on at her place. Will Maheer going to help Saad? Why I am having a feeling that Areeb is going to give Saad money. Well, poor Saad does not deserve this treatment.

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