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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-5 Review: Areeb’s parents finally agree to take his proposal

Our heart goes out for Saad's one sided love

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is an interesting and intense love trio with Saad’s one-sided silent passion. The performances are all superb. In the previous episode we watched that Maheer is oblivious to Saad’s feelings, she asks him to refuse the proposal himself as she likes Areeb. In this episode, we have seen Saad’s heartbreak, and also Areeb is successful in forcing his parents for taking his proposal for Maheer.

Maheer so cruelly crashes Saad’s feelings. How come she is so oblivious to Saad’s feelings for her and how come she has never heard of his and Saad’s engagement before it looks so unbelievable, seems a writing flaw. Our heart goes out to poor Saad, we are rooting Maheer with him, not Abeer. Abeer gives a few negative vibes. However, to be honest, Saad does not deserve Maheer she is so dumb and selfish.

Well Saad’s younger sister’s interest in Saad’s romantic relationship seems quite annoying. Saad’s frustration is making sense but he truly cannot blame Maheer as whatever is happening with him is because of his silence and not expressing himself. Had he confessed his love for Maheer chances are that she has been considered him as well. However, now the chance has been missed as another guy is in the scene and she declares that she likes him.

Abeer’s parents particularly his standard-conscious mother are not ready to accept Maheer as her daughter-in-law. She has plans to tie relationships with some big shots. However, Abeer stands firm that he will not go to marry anyone else except Maheer. On the other hand, Maheer tries to talk with his father about Areeb but he does not let her speak in fact he says that he is grateful that his daughter is not letting him down. Areeb has told her that they can elope but Maheer refuses this idea by saying that she prefers respect over love.

Maheer cannot talk with his father so she is praying hard that Areeb’s family will agree to this proposal. Areeb is forcing his parents but they are in no mood to listen to him. Areeb tries to emotionally blackmail his parents by staying out for a whole night. Areeb’s father gets worried, he has sensed that Areeb means business, and he is damn serious. He calls Areeb and tells him that he go with his mother to Maheer’s house. Areeb is over the moon to hear this news. Well, our heart goes out to Saad and we are not feeling happy for Areeb don’t know why?


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