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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-8 Review: Is Saad going to marry Maheer?

Maheer eventually says Qabool Hai!

ARY Digital’s drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is 8 episodes down. The story takes quite a tragic turn in this love triangle. It is Wahaj Ali’s performance which makes this serial even more interesting. In the previous episode, we were wondering whether Areeb will marry Maheer or not. In this episode, we watched that Areeb could not bring his Baraat to Maheer’s place due to his father’s critical condition and now we are wondering if Saad is going to say Qabool Hai like Maheer.

This episode is quite filmy with Areeb’s father getting cardiac arrest right at the time when Areeb and his mother are departing for Baraat. Areeb rushes to the hospital and he drops his phone on the lawn. Maheer looks ravishing as a bride, we have seen a bit soft side of her when she becomes teary talking with her cousin. Then that selfie scene again is a bit selfish is Maheer really oblivious to Saad’s feelings for her?

Maheer’s father becomes anxious when Baraat has not arrived on time. Areeb is too busy at the hospital, his father is really in a critical state. Areeb has also lost his phone. Saad and Maheer are calling on Areeb’s phone but he is not responding which is adding more to their anxiety. Areeb’s mother picks up the call and being too mean, she insults Maheer’s father and vilifies Maheer’s character which makes Maheer’s father and her uncle furious.

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Maheer’s father once again starts shaming Saad for rejecting Maheer in the first place which is why his daughter is facing this disgrace. Why Maheer’s father is so blinded that he is not realizing the obvious fact that his own daughter is interested in Areeb even after what his mother has said to him? Saad’s father has taken the initiative that Maheer’s nikkah will take place no matter what happens and he is pressurizing Saad to marry Maheer.

Maheer on the other hand is pleading with Saad to go to Areeb’s place and bring him. She is in a state of denial that Areeb cannot cheat her. Our heart goes out to poor Saad who has to restore his uncle’s faith in him, he also has to obey his father who has given him his life’s sake and he also has genuine feelings for Maheer. Poor Saad is torn between these two sides. His heart still beats for Maheer. Nikkah’s scene is making us anxious that what going to happen eventually disappoints Areeb and for her father’s honour’s sake Maheer says, Qabool Hai! Now we are wondering how will Saad react, will he also say Qabool Hai? Overall quite a filmy episode taking a very depressing turn in this loving trio.

Rameeza Nasim

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