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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-9 Review: Saad says ‘Qabool hai ‘ but postpones the ruksati

Areeb's world turn upside down with Maheer's nikkah and his father's death

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, the drama serial at ARY Digital is one cliched story but it is Wahaj Ali’s intense performance which is carrying the show. Performances are all on spot. In the previous episode, we were wondering whether Saad going to marry Maheer or not. Well in this episode Saad eventually said ‘Qabool Hai’ but he also dares to postpone the ruksati. Areeb makes his entry soon after the nikkah.

The Nikkah scene is unnecessarily dragged where Maheer astonishes Saad with her “Qabool hai” now all eyes are on Saad as he has to say I do. A flux of flashbacks hit us and Saad right at the time of Nikkah. We are wondering if it will make Saad refuse to do the Nikkah but then he looks at his father and finally says “Qabool Hai” making both Maheer’s father and his father very happy. Even we are feeling evil happiness on this nikkah as we always root for Maheer and Saad.

Maheer’s father in a jubilant manner calls for the ruksaati on which Saad dares to say that he does not want ruksaati right now he will wait for it. Strangely no one minds it. Maheer’s father is extremely grateful to Saad’s father for restoring his grace. Well, one wonders what a big deal it was if a girl’s wedding is postponed or even gets called off for some reason. Why it is made a matter of honour?

Right after nikkah is done, Maheer and Saad have gone to their own rooms. Areeb arrives in a hysterical manner blaming Maheer’s father for marrying off his “Amanat” to someone else. Our heart is not going with Areeb don’t know why although we feel sorry for his loss we are only rooting for Saad and Maheer. Areeb is not ready to leave the place but he is shocked to get a call, breaking the news of his father’s death. Do we really need to kill off his father? Poor Areeb’s world turned upside down.

Maheer now hates Abeer strangely his maniac yelling at Maheer’s parents has not been heard by her. She is trying to scratch him from her heart but she is miserably failing in it. Areeb’s name is still written on her hand with Mehndi. There is a long flashback Saad is recalling where Maheer’s mother selfishly asks Saad to refuse his engagement himself so Maheer can marry Areeb and lead a very happy life which he cannot give her. The episode ends with a scene where Maheer comes to Saad’s room to talk with him. Our heart literally goes out to poor Saad he certainly does not deserve this.


Rameeza Nasim

Rameeza Nasim, a Paralian, passionate about poetry, drama and fiction. By giving drama critiques I feel like I am endorsing the writer's message to the audiences, I love my job. Being a critic responsibility lies on my shoulders to point out the flaws and shortcomings of the play be it on writer's , performers or director's end . I did my Masters in English Literature and Linguistics .

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