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Muqaddar Ep-27 Review: Sardar Saif is ready to leave his first wife and Abeerah for Raima

Abeerah is not ready to accept Raima as her father's new wife!

Muqaddar Ep-27 ReviewIn this episode Sardar Saif is ready to leave his first wife and Abeerah for Raima - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Geo Entertainment’s drama serial Muqaddar episode 27 has finally shown significant development in the story. Sardar Saif brings Raima to Saif house and introduces him as Abeerah’s younger mother, his act has not only disturbed Sardar Saif’s first wife but his daughter Abeerah as well who is not ready to accept Raima. Sardar Saif is not ready to listen to anything against Raima. It is always a treat to watch Faisal Qureshi’s portrayal as Sardar Saif and Madiha Imam’s performance is also brilliant.

Abeerah is not ready to accept Raima at any cost, she simply asks her father to leave Raima. Abeerah thinks that she is her father’s weakness and he will do whatever she will ask him but to her shock, her father clearly snubs her for that and moreover when Abeerah is not going slow, she asks Sardar Saif to make a choice either to have Raima or to leave her and her mother, on which Sardar Saif very conveniently tells Abeerah and her mother to leave the house on which Raima intervenes and stops him.

Sardar Saif is in a furious range at Abeerah’s behavior,  says that she is doing all this because her mother is feeding up her mind against her. Sardar Saif is professing his love for Raima saying that he cannot live without her, she is his happiness and he is angry that why his first wife and daughter Abeerah are not understanding that his happiness lies in Raima, why they are creating hurdles for him?

Raima tries to calm down Sardar Saif and persuades him to convince Abeerah with his love. Sardar Saif’s feudalistic ego is not letting him do that. Well, it seems like Rqaima has developed some sort of feelings for Sardar Saif but at the same time, she dislikes him for treating his first wife and daughter like trash. It seems that Raima has harmonized with her fate and accepted him as her husband but she is not fallen in love with him.

Abeerah has made up her mind that she will make Raima’s life hell but Sardar Saif makes sure that nothing goes against his beloved Begum Sarkar. Abeerah’s mother is also resolute that she will create hurdles in way of Raima. Abeerah gets shocked of her life when Sardar Saif yells at her for arguing with him that she cannot accept Raima. For the very first time, Abeerah sees her father’s anger and that is only because of Raima? Will Raima be able to face all the hurdles Sardar Saif’s first wife and Abeerah bring on her way?

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