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Muqaddar Episode-33 Review: Raima is expecting Sardar Saif’s heir

GEO Entertainment’s drama serial Muqaddar with its 33 episodes down, is a story too much stretched and dragged. With having Stockholm Syndrome as its theme, the protagonist of the play Raima has fallen in love with Saif, the one who has captivated her and forcefully married her. The Performance of Faysal Qureshi is powerful.

Well for those who do not know what Stockholm Syndrome is, it is a mental state in which the one who is captivated or kidnapped falls in love with its kidnapper over a period of time when the one who is kidnapped is at the mercy of her kidnapper, he can kill or rape her but he does not do anything with her instead he is being kind with her so there are greater chances that the one who is kidnapped developed some feelings of affiliation for her kidnapper. This exactly happened in Raima’s case. There is no obvious indication in the play that Saif Sardar who has forcefully married her has committed any sexual assault with her too.

The episode begins when Raima (Madiha Imam) gets faint when Sardar Saif’s first wife Farkhanda accuses her of stealing her family necklace. Sardar Saif is damn sure that Raima cannot do anything like that as Farkhanda has no idea that how much gold he has given her on her wedding plus he knows that Raima cannot do such an act. Raima’s unconsciousness makes Sardar Saif worried and he rushes to the hospital.

Sardar Saif gets to know the good news at Hospital that Raima is expecting. He does not want to take her back to Saif House because of Farkhanda’s stupid plottings but strangely Raima is insisting him that she wants to live in Saif House. Well, one wonders why she wants to live in that house where she gets abused by Farkhanda every other day? Why she is not living in peace in her own house where she lives like a Queen!?

Farkhanda has lost her mind on hearing Raima’s pregnancy news. She tries to pressurize Saad that he tells his Uncle not to have this child and leave Raima otherwise she is not going to let him marry Abeerah. Saad talks with Abeerah and tells her that it is not right to harm anyone as lovers never commit such a mistake. For the very first time Abeerah gets affected by Saad’s words, she is in love with him but her mother is insisting her to pressurize her father to leave Raima otherwise she can not marry Saad.

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