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Muqaddar Episode-34 Review: Farkhanda Begum is planning Raima’s murder

GEO Entertainment’s Muqaddar is a play that is disturbing in the way that it seems a deliberate attempt by the writer and the makers to glorify Sardar Saif’s character as a hero. Making Raima fall into Stockholm Syndrome makes sense but hailing Sardar Saif (Faysal Qureshi) as a hero is not acceptable as whatever he has done is not justified nor it should be forgiven. Performances are as usual brilliant.

Raima’s best maid Tabaan is back for her service and Sardar Saif is busy doing shopping for Raima’s baby. Sardar Saif orders Saad to select cards for his Wedding as he has decided his wedding date and also he tells him to do other preparations. Poor Saad is confused as her Tayee is clearly refusing him that she will not let him marry Abeerah until Sardar Saif divorces Raima (Madiha Imam).

Sardar Saif orders that the date he has fixed is the final date for marriage. Sardar Saif and his wife’s exchange of dialogues are very bitter where Sardar Saif warns her that if she will make any hurdles in the way of marriage then she will have to face the music. In this episode, he is kind of given his death prophecy too. Abeerah under her mother’s pressure tells his father that she cannot marry Saad until she divorces Raima on which Sardar Saif insults her so badly, telling her that he can leave her mother but not Raima.

It is also shown in this episode that Haris’s father shares with him whatever actually has happened with Raima, he wants to clear his mind and heart from all the misunderstandings he has for Raima by telling that whatever occurred was not with her will, she is forced into this marriage by Sardar Saif. Whatever Sardar Saif has done is unforgivable and bad but the way the writer is trying hard to make us sympathize with Sardar Saif’s character is so disturbing.

Begum Farkhanda (Ayesha Gul) is planning Raima’s murder this time as the level of her patience seems to reach its peak and she is left with no choice but to Kill Raima, Well Raima sort of called this for herself. Well, one wonders why not she is living in her own house why she is insisting to live in Saif House? Raima is so insensitive that she cannot feel the gravity of the matter and also that how her presence in the house is going to disturb Farkhanda Begum, then why she is still persistent to live in Saif house? Abeerah hears her mother calling some hitman and about her plan, she in her own way warns her mother that she will be alone in her plan and she will have to face severe consequences.

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