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Muqaddar Episode-1 Review: Beginning of an intense story revolving around feudalism

Raima loves her cousin Haris and they are engaged

Muqaddar Episode-1 ReviewIn this episode Beginning of an intense story revolving around feudalism - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

7th Sky Entertainment comes up with another new drama serial for Geo Entertainment, Muqaddar starring the versatile actor Faysal Qureshi in a pivotal role. Penned down by Iqbal Bano and executed by Sheharzade Shaikh, Muqadaar seems an intense play revolving around feudalism and the story moves around the protagonist Raima who is an RJ.

The opening scene is a happy one, where the two cousins Raima and Haris are having fun and they also seem very much in love. Raima is portrayed as a sweet and amiable girl who always get the opposite gender’s attraction. She is innocent and sweet, and it actually makes her everyone’s favorite. Raima is an orphan girl who is living with her Mamu, and Haris is their son. They both are interested in each other and their family is also happy to see them together and they are planning to marry off Raima with Haris as soon as her exams get over. Drama seems bit cliched and it is not as interesting as we were expecting, the only good thing about the play is Faisal Qureshi’s feudal portrayal.


Raima is portrayed as a lovely girl with whom every other guy seems to lose his heart. It is shown that a loafer in her University tries to harass her but then Saad intervenes. He is Raima’s secret admirer, he knows that he is engaged to his cousin so he does not want to make any move but his friend insists that he should share his message with Raima and on his advice he conveys Raima his desire to send a proposal to her family.


Haris takes Raima on dinner and slides a ring on her finger, and now informally she is engaged to her cousin. Raima is so happy she is on cloud nine. Both are extremely happy together and spend the whole evening enjoying their quality time. On their return Haris mother expresses his disapproval of them getting so close but in reality, she is happy and then she shares her plan of Haris and Raima’s wedding with Haris. Raima feels like she is the luckiest person in this world. Next day Raima shares her engagement news with her friends and Saad is really hurt to see that Raima has not acknowledged his feelings for her.


Raima is an Rj, well one of her scene doing a radio show should be included before in the beginning of the play. All of a sudden out of nowhere Raima is doing a radio show interviewing the feudal lord Saif but little she knows that she might be getting into a big trouble. As that influential feudal lord is eyeing Raima and it seems that he has set his mind on her. The irony is that Raima asks in her radio show that she has heard that feudal lords are cruel and brutal people, and they treat people badly and kidnap the women they like on which Saif says that yes it is true but he is not like that but the later encounter suggests that Saif’s intentions are not good.

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