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Muqaddar Episode 12 Review: Raima makes herself hateable in Harris’s eyes

Muqaddar one of the best drama serials running on GEO Entertainment is becoming more and more interesting as the story proceeds. Despite having a cliche story but it is the treatment and, its excellent execution and incredible performances which is making it our favourite serial. Faysal Qureshi’s power-packed performance is simply shinning out in this episode, full marks on putting up Sindhi accent so well and Madiha Imam’s performance is also quite impressive.

Sardar Saif once again pretends to be generous and caring towards Raima but none of his caring and affectionate advances is going to affect Raima. She clearly knows Sardar Saif’s reality, she is bluntly replying to him with bitter comments. For instance, when he says that you can visit your Mamu Mumani and that he will call his Mamu too, she bluntly asks is he going to threaten him again on which Sardar Saif very artfully replies that no he respects him because he is her mamu.


Despite generously giving Raima permission to meet her Mamu and Mami, Sardar Saif tells her that she makes sure that she has to return back to this house. He is kind of warning her in his own way. What Raima has done with Harris is so heartbreaking she pretends in front of him that she married Sardar Saif because of his status and wealth and that she is always materialistic and now she can conveniently live the life she has dreamt of. She intentionally makes herself hateable in Haris’s eyes.


Haris is extremely mad with Raima, deep inside him someone is continuously negating that she is not materialistic, but he is shattered to know the fact that Raima has married Sardar Saif. He gets mad and throws her out of his house. Poor Raima who is not habitual of facing this kind of behavior is so hurt, Haris has never talked with her like that, it is so painful for her to see Haris hating her like that but she has done that for Haris’s goodness. Love means sacrifice, it is not just about possessing the lover. It is the kind of love Sardar Saif is not known to.


It is said that true love never ends it may change its form but it always remains the same. Haris love and passion have transformed into hate and revenge. He is resolute that he will take his revenge from Sardar Saif and for that he meets his first wife. Well, we wonder how Haris is able to enter into their house? How those goons and guards have let him enter into the house because they were the same who stopped him before and he created a lot of fuss and drama on the gate, a few days back. Haris imparts the news of Sardar Saif’s second marriage to his first wife in a very insulting manner. Sardar Saif’s first wife pretends to defend his husband’s conduct but deep inside she is broken.

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