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Muqaddar Episode-14 Review: Raima is shocked to see the dual-faced Sardar Saif

Muqaddar the drama series running on GEO Entertainment is one of the best serials in the running with Faysal Qureshi’s power-packed performance and Madiha Imam is also playing her role impressively well. The other cast members are doing an incredible job, be it Ali Ansari, Haroon Shahid, Haris Sohail, and others. Well executed, the play is depicting the true side of the feudalistic mindset and its aristocracies.

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Raima is trying hard to forget Haris as she has no choice. Sardar Saif who only cares about his own desires and wishes no matter how much it cost the other person to fulfill them is now worried about Raima’s forgiveness. Raima cannot comprehend that why Sardar Saif is so worried about her to forgive him when he himself considered his act as that is not something bad or criminal because he is merely fulfilling his own desire not even realizing that it has cost Raima her happiness. He wants Raima to forgive him because he wants her to love him and he does not want a forced physical relationship with her.


Abeerah is all set to marry Hassan Shirazi, she is literally forcing him to bring his proposal. She very bravely tells her mother that she is not going to marry Saad no matter what happens. Hassan when shares his desire to marry Sardar Saif’s daughter with her mother she tells him that it is nearly an impossible task and also that Sardar Saif’s family has their own customs and it does not seem possible that he is going to compromise on them. Maybe Hassan gets convinced with her mother’s suggestion and it seems like he has dropped the idea of marrying her. Hassan makes an excuse that they cannot come to their place because her mother is not well.


Haris, on the other hand, is partially convinced to marry the neighbor girl, initially, he fiercely opposed this idea but then her mother gets sick and he is now forced to think about this proposal. Haris badly insults Raima and throws her out of the room when she comes to visit her Mumani in the hospital. Saad is the coolest guy on earth unlike his manipulative uncle he is a kind heart and soft, he tells Abreeha’s mother that it is okay if Abreeha does not want to marry him, he cannot simply force her.


Raima is getting to see the dark and hate able sides of Sardar Saif. She is even swayed when Sardar Saif tells her about their honeymoon traveling plans it seems that she likes the idea of traveling but then she is disgusted to see Sardar Saif’s brutal behavior with Tabaan, he is furious with her just because she shows interest in reading books. Raima is shocked to see the dual-faced Sardar Saif who once on her radio shows talks about women’s rights, women’s education, and empowerment, and then it is the same him who cannot stand his servant girl reading a simple elementary book at home. Sardar Saif reflects a proto feudal lord mentality.

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