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Muqaddar Episode 16 Review: Saad finally finds out that his uncle had kidnapped Raima!

Meanwhile, Haris agrees to get married just for the sake of his mother.

Muqaddar Episode 16 ReviewIn this episode Saad finally finds out that his uncle had kidnapped Raima - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Muqaddar the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment, with its true depiction of feudalistic mindset is no doubt an interesting Watch, well-executed, and backed with great performances. Faysal Qureshi’s power-packed performance is making this play a real treat for the viewers. Madiha Imam, Haroon Shahid have also given their brilliant performances in this episode. We see a major development in the play with Saad’s realization of his Uncle’s reality.

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Abeerah’s mother is also a typical Waderani, she has the same feudalistic mindset like Saif. She literally tells Saad to kill Hassan Shirazi, shocking poor Saad, he is wondering that how come her Chachi can be so cruel. He cannot even think of killing Hassan. He simply refused on which her Chachi labels him a coward. He says that he prefers to be a coward than to take an innocent life. Well, Abeerah’s mother has made an alternative plan in her mind.


Abeerah’s mother is a true proto feudal lady, she bribes a newspaper agency with a hefty amount to release a fake marriage scandal about the actor Hassan Shirazi. She wants to do his character assassination so that Abreeha starts hating him. Abreeha is literally broken after reading all this news she is doubting Hassan and she is not ready to listen to his side of the story. Whereas Hassan is wondering who is after him?


Poor Raima is literally shattered by Harris’s insult. Saif is just playing his cards very smartly when he allows her to go on shopping with her favorite help Tabaan, she happily does all the shopping and also she buys some stuff as a gift for Tabaan and her mother. Well, it seems that this very generous act of Sardar Saif has melted Raima’s heart for him a bit or maybe after the insult she has faced by Haris. She thinks that she has no choice but to settle herself with Sardar Saif. She for the very first time asks Sardar Saif like a typical wife that when he is coming back home? Well, Sardar Saif is on the ninth cloud on hearing this but he spoils this conversation by saying that why she is being that sweet does she want to go to her Uncle’s place? Poor Raima gets hurt.


Haris apparently agrees to marry Maha as her mother really wants someone to take care of her and she is a good girl but deep inside he is not happy his heart still beats for Raima and her love is transforming into the emotions of hate and revenge. Saad has finally figured out that Raima is living at his own Chacha’s farmhouse. No one but his own Chacha has kidnapped her. Saad is the exact opposite of Sardar Saif, having feudal blood he still does have that typical mindset. He is the odd one out in his family, he is feeling so bad and guilty. The episode ends where Sardar Saif is looking very romantically at Raima while she is sleeping, she is smiling and she takes Haris’s name in her sleep.

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