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Muqaddar Episode-17 Review: Raima decides to try her best to happily settle down with Sardar Saif

Saad is too scared to confront his uncle Sardar Saif

Muqaddar Episode-17 ReviewIn this episode Raima decides to try her best to happily settle down with Sardar Saif - OyeYeah News

Muqaddar the drama serial portraying feudalistic aristocracies is one of our favourite watch at Geo Entertainment. The play is powered by Faysal Qureshi’s incredible portrayal as Sardar Saif and Madiha Imam’s pleasant appearance on screen as Raima with other great performances altogether makes this serial a perfect watch. In this episode, it seems like Raima is slowly becoming a victim of Stockholm syndrome. The episode is slow-paced as not much development of the story is shown except that Raima decides that she will try her best to happily settle down with Sardar Saif.

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The episode begins when Sardar Saif hears Raima calling Haris name in her sleep, even Raima has realized that she is very scared, she is fearing that Sardar Saif might go to hurt Haris so she tries her best to win Sardar Saif’s heart by beautifully dressing up herself and taking care of him like a good wife even Sardar Saif is shocked to see Raima being so caring and loving.


Abeerah is really broken, Hassan is trying his best to prove himself but she is not ready to listen him. Hassan Shirazi visits that newspaper house and tries his best that the editor publishes a correction of his story but he is not ready to listen him or help him out in any way. He is very disturbed and then we have seen that her khala and cousin arrive and it seems that her khala is also eyeing on him for her daughter.


Saad is too scared to confront him, part of him really wants to confront his Uncle but he also knows that how will his uncle going to treat him if he ever tries to question his uncle’s conduct. Sardar Saif on the other hand is missing him at a family dinner in the restaurant and when Abeerah tells him that he is not important nor part of their family he assures her that she should never forget that he is her fiance. It seems that Sardar Saif has sensed that Abeerah is not interested in Saad.


Raima, on the other hand, sees Haris everywhere, roaming around her in her imagination, she tells herself how can she be an unfaithful wife. She is now married to Sardar Saif and now she should only think about her husband. She cannot be a disloyal woman and why she is being after Haris? He is the one who behaves so cruelly with her and still she thinks about him all the time. She decides that she should try her best to settle down with Sardar Saif as she has to spend her life with him, then why not she spend it happily with Sardar Saif accepting him as her husband. It seems that she is gradually becoming a victim of Stockholm syndrome.

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