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Muqaddar Episode 18 Review: Sardar Saif’s brutality is not letting Raima love him

Sardar Saif snubs Saad for spying on him

Muqaddar Episode 18 ReviewIn this episode Sardar Saif's brutality is not letting Raima love him - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Muqaddar the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment is one of our much-awaited watches as it is powered by Faysal Quereshi’s incredible portrayal as Sardar Saif. Madiha Imam is also giving an impressive performance in this play. It seems in the previous episode that she is moving towards Stockholm syndrome but Sardar Saif’s brutality is not letting her love him.

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Raima has made up her mind that she has to settle down with Sardar Saif and she should accept him as her husband now and being a loyal and faithful wife she needs to forget Haris. She is trying her best to be a loving and caring wife. Sardar Saif is more than happy to see this loving and happy side of Raima. He takes her out for shopping and lunch.


There at a jewelry shop, Raima meets Haris and Maha, Maha excitedly shares with Raima her wedding news and when she tells her that she is going to marry Haris. Raima gets into a shock, her heart seems to stop for a moment but then she controls herself and congratulates her and offers her to buy whatever she likes, she will pay as her gift from her but Haris rudely and harshly refuses to take any money from her and rushes out of the shop. Sardar Saif is watching this whole scene he is getting happy and satisfied to know that Haris is finally getting married.


Abeerah has come out of the depression finally and she has decided to move on. She is not ready to listen to Hassan Shirazi’s side of the story nor she is ready to listen to her friend talking about him. Abeerah’s mother badly insults her friend in Abreeha’s absence. Hassan is extremely restless and depressed he wants Abreeha to at least listen to her side of the story at least whereas Hassan’s mother does not want him to think about Abreeha anymore she wants him to move out and she wants to make Hassan’s cousin the same Abreeha’s friend her daughter in law.

Saad follows his uncle’s vehicle to his new house and there he meets him. Sardar Saif shamelessly introduces him to Raima as his wife. Poor Saad has no guts to confront his uncle. Sardar Saif badly snubs him for following him and spying on him. He later expresses his anger with Raima by saying that she must be a party with him, his brutal behavior is what not letting poor Raima love Sardar Saif. She is literally broken by his harsh snubbing. Will she ever be able to fall in love with Sardar Saif? Well, Sardar Saif does not deserve to be loved.

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