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Muqaddar Episode-19 Review: Sardar Saif’s moves are smart, aimed to make Raima fall for him

Raima is trying hard to forgive all worng doings of Sardar Saif

Muqaddar Episode-19 ReviewIn this episode Sardar Saif's moves are smart, aimed to make Raima fall for him - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Muqaddar the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment is one interesting watch. Sardar Saif’s portrayal is so powerful and a real treat for the audiences with Faysal Qureshi’s power-packed performance in this play. Madiha Imam, Ali Ansari, and Haroon Shahid are also giving impressive performances. This episode is a bit dragged and not much story development is shown except that Abeerah tells Hassan that she hates him.

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The episode begins when Raima is recalling all the insulting remarks Sardar Saif had passed on her, he has clearly questioned her loyalty accusing her to be a party with Saad and plotting against him. She is shattered by Sardar Saif’s insult and his suspicions. Well, it seems that Sardar Saif clearly knows that what damage he has done to his relationship by snubbing Raima like that and Sardar Saif knows how to play his cards, his aim is to eventually make Raima fall in love with him and for that he can do anything.

Sardar Saif knows that he has damaged his relationship with his harsh attitude, he is then all set to mend it. He instantly before going to sleep comes to his room and seeks Raima’s apology. He tells her that he gets hyper so misbehaved with her and he is extremely sorry for his behavior. When Raima tells him that he has refreshed all her wounds and scars of her soul which she is trying hard to heal, on which Sardar Saif says that he is ashamed of his conduct but he does care for her.

Sardar Saif moves are really very smart and his goal is to eventually make Raima fall in love with him. The way he says that he is not going to have dinner if she will not accompany her makes Raima go for dinner with him. Raima is trying hard to love him but Sardar Saif’s own attitude and attributes are not letting her love him. She has shared this with Sardar Saif too that all her loyalties are with him but she cannot love him as she has no control over her heart.

Abeerah’s rude attitude is not making any sense, she is not ready to even listen to Hassan’s side of the story, she rudely tells him that she now hates him. Well, how can she mistrust a person she so passionately loves, just based on a piece of newspaper news? We all know that most of the scandals about stars in newspapers are fabricated then why she is so blindly trusting the news not him? Hassan initially agrees to marry wherever his mother wants but when her mother arranges his engagement ceremony he does not show up! embarrassing her mother in front of all the guests. Why he agreed before and now why he has backed off?

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