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Muqaddar Episode-2 Review: Saif sends his forced proposal for Raima

Saif is threatening Raima's uncle in his own way

Muqaddar Episode-2 ReviewIn this episode Saif sends his forced proposal for Raima - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Drama serial Muqaddar running on ARY Digital is a newly started play by 7th Sky Productions. The play revolves around feudalism and its aristocracies, how these feudal lords do whatever they want without even respecting other’s opinions. The protagonist of the play Raima played by Madiha Imam seems to become a victim of Feudal’s bad intentions.

The play begins where the feudal’s wife is inquiring about his current restlessness and what he wants. Being so experienced she has guessed it right that his husband has lost his heart to the RJ but she has not clearly expressed it. On the other hand, the arrogant Saif is ready to express his feelings in front of his wife as he does not want to express to show his weakness. Saif’s wife knows that being a womanizer, a woman is Saif’s biggest weakness and he is habitual of throwing his heart at every other woman, nothing new or surprising for her.

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In one of the discussions Saif also tries to make his wife feel that she is not her equal but his wife corrects him by saying that she is only less than him in educational qualifications but not in material status, she has more property than him, this argument has worked as a shut-up call for him and it seems that he has realized her importance in his life.

Saif is after Raima, he invites the whole Radio show team on dinner at his place but Raima clearly declines this invitation. Then Saif sends many gifts, sweets, and fruits along with a cheque at Raima’s place which Raima’s Mamu received, but he gets surprised and confused that who has sent these offerings to him or Raima. He tries his best to refuse and return these gifts but he is forced to receive them. The cheque has really made him worried. Mamu does not discuss anything with Raima or Haris.

The next day Raima’s Mamu visits Saif at his office, in fact, he has called him. Saif is trying to be courteous but Raima’s Mamu shows coldness and his manner is very reserved. He straightforwardly asks Saif that why he has sent the cheque, on which he says that it is for Raima as she has done my show. Furthermore, he expresses his desire to build a relationship with her on which Raima’s Mamu refuses. Saif in his own style offers them a hefty amount of money, job assurance and financial assistance for Haris. When Raima’s Mamu refuses that as well, he threatens him in his own way that he always gets what he wants so it is up to him that he give it easily or he has to snatch it off. A typical feudalistic mindset where there is no importance of other’s opinions.

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