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Muqaddar Episode-20 Review: Hassan commits with her cousin and he is being honest with her

Muqaddar the drama serial revolving around a feudalistic mindset is power-packed with great performances.  It is one of our favorite primetime watches at Geo Entertainment. This episode is a bit slow-paced and repetitive from Raima and Sardar Saif’s point of view. However, this episode shows more about Hassan and Abreeha. Hassan’s engagement with his cousin finally takes place and here we would like to appreciate Haris Sohail’s performance in this particular scene.

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The episode begins when Haris arrives very late at his own engagement we were anticipating that Hassan might call off his engagement but he has some genuine issues, he got stuck in some work and the way he apologizes with his cousin and the way he appreciates and praises her speaks volumes about his pure heart. He honestly tells her that he loves Abreeha but he will try to give his best to this relationship and he says that he is sure that with time and her efforts she will create a place in his heart.

Maha and Haris are busy in their wedding preparations. Maha is trying her best to win Haris and his family’s heart by taking the best care of them, bringing food for them despite her parents’ opposition. Well, Maha is one positive character, a girl with a clean heart. Raima on the other hand is trying hard to develop some kind of feelings for Sardar Saif but sitting next to him, she cannot help herself getting lost in Hari’s reveries.

Abeerah when hears about her friend Zara getting engaged with Hassan makes her very disturbed and extremely furious. Well, her feelings of getting hurt are understandable but her anger is not making any sense. She herself had broken off her relationship with Haris despite him pleading her.  And why now she is being so mad on Haris and her friend. Are they her slaves who cannot dare to live their own lives?

Zara tells Abeerah that she has tried her best for her and Hassan reconciliation but it is she who is not ready to listen to her. Then she also tells her about her visit how she tried to meet her but how badly she was insulted by her mother. Abeerah is extremely mad at her. Later she learns from her friend that Zara always used to love Hassan but it is her purity of love which makes her win him and it is her arrogance which has made her lose her love. Abeerah cannot stand this bitter fact and he just collapses. Is Abeerah going to come between Hassan and her friend? Or Hassan’s chapter is closed for her forever?

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