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Muqaddar Episode-21 Review: It is very painful for Raima to think about Haris getting married with someone else!

Muqaddar the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment happens to be our favorite because of Faysal Qureshi’s power-packed performance and Madiha Imam’s impressive appearance on the screen. However, in these recent episodes, we see fewer scenes of Sardar Saif and more of other side stories moving forward. From Sardar Saif and Raima’s point of view, the story seems to be slowing down and getting dragged. There is not much development from this point of view in this episode.

Haris is all busy in his wedding preparations but deep inside he also remembers Raima, his heart still beats for her no matter how much he poses to not care for her and hating her. Well but it looks so strange that he has happily accepted Maha and he is more than happy at his wedding, dancing and enjoying all wedding rituals. He is not as sad or down as Raima, who cannot bear the burden of the thought that Haris is getting married, she calls him but Haris badly snubs her. This is certainly not the kind of attitude Raima deserves.

On the other hand, Abeerah and Hassan’s story has shown bit improvement, Hassan and Abreeha’s ways crossed at a friend’s house. Well here Abeerah is being a real meanie she herself is responsible for the breakup with Hassan but now she is blaming Hassan and Zara calling them names. Hassan and Abeerah’s scenes were intense but we really feel sorry for Zara.

Well, it is a wise and daring step by Zara that she tests Hassan’s loyalty by calling him from an unknown number. Hassan mistakes that number for Abeerah’s and he starts confessing his true feelings for her by saying that he still loves her and if she will come back to him, he will break his engagement because for him Zara does not matter at all nor his engagement with her. It is so heartbreaking for Zara but it is a very wise and brave step instead of getting hurt herself for the rest of her life by fooling herself, she bravely faces the reality.

Raima is busy in her packing for her honeymoon, the thought of spending a whole month with Sardar Saif alone is making her sick. Her heart still beats for Haris but Haris’s insulting behavior has made her soul dead. She feels like she has left with no reason to live. Will Raima ever be able to love Sardar Saif the man who has snatched her love of life from her and with that he has also taken away her only reason to live?

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