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Muqaddar Episode-22 Review: This episode is all about Haris’s wedding

Zara breaks her engagement with Hassan

Muqaddar Episode-22 ReviewIn this episode this episode is all about Haris's wedding - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Muqaddar, the drama series airing at GEO Entertainment has now reached its episode 22, at this point it seems a bit dragged. Most of us want to see more of Raima and Sardar Saif on-screen presence but the episode shows more of Hassan and Abeerah’s track, and Haris and Maha’s scenes. There is only a single scene of Raima in this episode as she is going to fly off with Sardar Saif for her honeymoon.

The only developments were get to see are, Zara breaks her engagement with Hassan, Haris marries Maha, and also that Raima goes for her honeymoon trip.

Well we all feel sorry for poor Zara who is so badly hurt by Hassan and here Hassan is being a big idiot as he is not honest with Zara. Zara has rightly decided this on time that she is not going to invest more in her relationship with Hassan as for him she means nothing so she herself breaks off her engagement on which Hassan is more than happy. He is being so mean with Zara. She certainly does not deserve this kind of behavior.

It seems that Abeerah has started developing some sort of feelings for Saad as she has realized that he is always been very nice to her. Saad, on the other hand, is sad about knowing that Raima who happens to be his only love interest has become his Chachi. There are hardly two scenes of Sardar Saif in this episode as we want to see more of him and Raima but this episode is all about Haris’s wedding.

The elaborated scenes of Hari’s wedding and  Maha’s ruksati then her wedding night are the main highlight of this episode. But we are clearly not interested in watching Maha’s Mehndi and her wedding rituals. Haris heart still beats for Raima, despite burning all her letters and pictures he simply cannot scratch her out of his heart and mind.

Raima is not shown in the whole episode except the last scene where she is all set to fly off with Sardar Saif for her honeymoon trip.  Will this honeymoon trip change Raima’s heart for Sardar Saif?  or she will eventually become a victim of Stockholm syndrome? have to wait for the next episode to find that out!

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