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Muqaddar Ep-24 Review: Raima and Sardar Saif return from their honeymoon trip

Muqaddar the drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment has been our favorite Prime Time Watch but now the story seems to be a bit dragged and slow-paced. Showing more and more of Haris and Maha’s track. This episode is all about Maha and Haris, there is hardly one or two scenes of Sardar Saif and Raima together. We certainly want to see more scenes of Faysal Qureshi.

Well, Raima and Sardar Saif have returned from their honeymoon trip from Europe. Raima seems happy but there is no indication shown where we can see any significant change of her heart and her feelings whether it is inclined towards Sardar Saif or not? She could be happy just because she has enjoyed her trip to Europe not because she has fallen in love with Sardar Saif. However, we missed seeing the scenes of Raima and Sardar Saif from their trip where we can see their bonding. Makers could have shown their Europe trip in some creative way.

Haris and Maha are having issues in their marriage. It is clear that Haris has married Maha just because she will take care of his mother, little he knows that Maha is doing all this drama just to win him. Maha sometimes reveals her true colors in front of Haris and is being snubbed by him. Haris shows no flexibility to her. He has made clear to her that for him her mother is most important and he will not going to bear anything against his mother.

Well, Maha is not that foolish, apparently, she behaves in front of Haris that she really cares for his mother. However, when her father sides her and suggests Haris take her on a honeymoon trip, Maha sides with his father but Haris very straightforwardly replies to his father in law that he should not intervene in his family matters. Haris clearly does not want to take her for a honeymoon trip. He gives his full salary to his mother and gives only 2 thousand rupees to Maha which is quite unfair it is pittance one cannot even get any suit from such a little amount of money.

Sardar Saif is still doubting Raima’s intentions by asking that if she cares for him in real or she is just pretending on which Raima bluntly says that she is pretending and now he has to see for how long she can pretend like that. She says that she cares for him and she is not jealous of his wife and daughter otherwise she has not she would have not brought gifts for them. She generously allows him to spend a day with them, well if she has truly fallen in love with Sardar Saif she would have been little possessive about him.

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