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Muqaddar Episode-35 Review: Sardar Saif takes bullets for Raima

GEO Entertainment’s drama serial Muqaddar comes up with a drastic turn in this episode. Sardar Saif saves Raima, he takes bullets for her. Faysal Qureshi’s acting is so powerful in this episode. Abeerah gets to see her mother’s ugly face when she comes to know that her mother is behind this attack, she is now hating her mother. Performances were on point.

Sardar Saif is more than happy with Raima and he is busy buying stuff for his child. They are out somewhere when the hitman who Farkhanda hires to kill Raima comes and Sardar Saif sees him on time and he vigilantly reacts, saving Raima and taking bullets for her. Sardar Saif here is now been glorified as a hero, he is redeemed for whatever bad he has done with Raima. Sadar Saif is in hospital and he is in critical condition.

Haris reacts so strongly when his father tells him about how Sardar Saif has forcefully married Raima. He starts blaming his father for hiding the truth from him. One wonders why his father has shared the truth with him now. Well in the previous episode we have heard them moving to London and also that they were selling the house but now there is no sign of moving to London. Haris and his father see the news of Sardar Saif’s injury, Haris tells his father that they have to go to the hospital to meet Raima. He apologizes to Raima for his past behavior.

Abeerah gets to know the news about his father getting the bullets. She knows that it is her mother’s planning she tells her mother that if anything happens to her father she is not going to forgive her ever. Farkhunda’s world turns upside down when she gets to know that instead of Raima it is Sardar Saif who gets critically injured by the attack she has ordered by hiring the hitman.

Farkhanda in desperation calls the hitman and starts cursing him, telling him that she is not going to pay her any penny for this blunder. She further gives her reference to Hassan’s attack. Abeerah hears all this, she is seeing her mother’s real face and her ugliness. She is not ready to forgive her for that. Abeerah is being nice to Raima now. Saad on the other hand is at the hospital taking care of all matters. He has also got to know that Farkhanda Begum is behind this attack through Saif’s servant. Will Sardar Saif survive this fatal attack? What will be Farkhanda Begum’s punishment? It seems that this play is moving towards its end.

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