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Muqaddar Episode-36 Review: Sardar Saif’s death glorifies him as a hero

Muqaddar the drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment seems to be moving towards its conclusion. In this episode, Sardar Saif dies and his death has somehow redeemed him as a hero washing away all his sins. Performances are simply brilliant. Madiha Imam, Sabeena Farooq, Haroon Shahid all have given their best in this episode.

Raima is at the hospital praying for Sardar Saif’s recovery. Saad is at her side helping her out. Abeerah brings breakfast for him and Raima. She talks with Raima nicely apologizes for her past behavior and Raima forgives her whole heartily, they both are praying together for Sardar Saif’s recovery. Abeerah clearly warns her mother that if God forbid anything happens to her father she will not forgive her ever for that.

Haris is lost in Raima’s reveries when his wife catches him sitting in Raima’s room. She asks him why he is sitting in the room like that? She herself mentions about him and Raima’s unrequited love. Haris asks her that if she knows about him and Raima’s love and relationship then why she has married him. Maha tells him that she is guided by her unconditional love for him. Haris confesses that he only loved Raima and she always rules his heart. Well, why Haris is now confessing all this with his wife?

Abeerah sees her mother’s brother, her Mamu sitting at her house, he is the one who is the mastermind behind the attack on Sardar Saif. Abeerah misbehaves with him, blames him for this attack, and calls him her enemy. Farkhunda Begum is shown as a woman with a hard heart, she visits Sardar Saif in the hospital but then she could not see him in this state, she knows that she is the reason for him getting into this condition. What is going to be her punishment?

One of the most heart touching scene is when Abeerah telling her father to open his eyes and see that she has been now friends with Raima. She begs her father that she is always going to obey him but Sardar Saif’s condition is getting worse. Raima and Saad are also in the room. Raima feels that Sardar Saif is getting cold, they call the doctor and he imparts them the bad news of Sardar Saif’s death. Well, the makers of the play have artfully glorified Sardar Saif as a hero, he is redeemed and all his sins are washed up with his act of saving Raima. What going to be the play’s conclusion? Will Raima remarry?

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