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Muqaddar Episode-4 Review: Raima is abducted by Sardar Saif’s goons

Raima's Mamu and Mami are extremely worried

Muqaddar Episode-4 ReviewIn this episode Raima is abducted by Sardar Saif's goons - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The drama serial Muqaddar running on GEO Entertainment is a play based on feudalism. Faysal Qureshi is nailing the character of Sardar Saif with his brilliant acting. Ali Ansari, Madiha Imam, Saife Hassan, and Fazila Qazi have given their best performances in the play. The play takes a drastic turn as Raima gets abducted in this episode by Saif Sardar’s goons.

The episode begins when the neighbor’s girl comes at a very odd hour to share her concerns with Raima over a proposal, she shares her heartiest feelings which she has for Haris with Raima and also she seeks her help in this regard. She wants Raima to talk with Haris’s mother about her proposal. Well, the way Haris and Raima deal with that girl is kind of insensitive, Raima promises that she will talk with her Mami for her. Haris’s behavior too sometimes is very encouraging and flirtatious with her. It seems like they are playing with that poor neighbor girl’s feelings.


Raima discusses their neighbor girl with her Mami, she shares that she wants to be her daughter in law on which her Mami very lovingly says that she will only make Raima her daughter in law. She says that she is not going to think to make anyone else Haris’s bride. Raima discusses this too with Haris who laughs it off but it seems like they both are being little insensitive for that girl’s feelings.


Meanwhile, the deadline for Saif Sardar’s warning is over. Raima visits her university and there Saad sees her. His silent yet deep love for Raima is making him even more pitiable character, he cannot openly express his love for Raima nor he can break his engagement with his cousin Abeera for whom he has no feelings. The actor Hassan Shirazi is after Abeera and he is insisting Abeera’s friend, his cousin to share her number with him.


Raima after university is being called at her Radio Office, they promised that they will give her pick and drop that is why her Mami allowed her to go. Little they know that it is all part of a plan. Raima is kidnapped by Sardar Saif’s goons and she is taken to his farmhouse away from the city. Sardar Saif is out of the country for time being so no one can blame him for abducting Raima. Raima’s Mami and Mamu are extremely worried and anxious about Raima. Haris also returns from his official trip finding that Raima is missing from their home.

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