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Muqaddar Episode-6 Review: Sardar Saif possessing Raima as if she is his property!

Muqaddar the drama serial airing on Geo Entertainment is truly portraying feudalism and its aristocracies, the way how these feudal lords consider common people their mere subjects and particularly women are merely toys for them as if a girl has no choice of her own. The play very nicely portrays the dark side of a feudal lord Sardar Saif, the character which Faisal Qureshi is nailing with its brilliant performance.

Raima is still in the custody of Sardar Saif, she is shocked to know that Sardar Saif is the one who has abducted her, she could not feel anything for him but hate. Sardar Saif is expressing his victory over her and he starts possessing her as if she is his property saying that she has declined his lift offer now he has taken her here and asking her to give him some lift. He expresses how much she has become a burning desire for him and that eventually, he is going to marry her.


Raima clearly tells him that she has no feelings for him and also that she is already engaged. Despite of Raima’s clear refusal, Sardar Saif very conveniently says that it does not make any difference to him, it was all her past and the present is her reality and will be her future, she is going to be his wife soon but he does not want to do it by force, so it is better that she accepts the reality soon, sooner the better.


Haris, on the other hand, is spending day and night trying to find her at every possible place, he even tries to raid at Sardar Saif’s house but Sardar Saif’s goons throw him out. He goes at his office where Sardar Saif clearly threatens him that he is going to ruin him so he should forget about Raima but Haris challenges him that he is not going to spare him.


Saad is extremely worried about Raima’s mysterious absence in University, he is wondering what happened to her that she did not even appear in her exams. Raima has a nightmare that Haris is not going to accept her when she will escape this place. Sardar Saif once again visits Raima but she is resolute that she is not going to marry him at any cost. She clearly tells him that she hates him that she will never marry him, she loves her fiance and she only loves him. This makes Sardar Saif’s patience level to its culmination, he sends his goons and they kidnap Harris too.

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