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Muqaddar Episode-7 Review: Sardar Saif is threatening Raima to marry him

Sardar Saif 's goons kidnap Harris and beat the hell out of him.


Muqaddar a 7th Sky Entertainment production airing on Geo Entertainment is a serial based on feudalism and its brutalities, and the corruption this class is involved in. Faysal Qureshi is nailing his character as Sardar Saif who is a typical feudal from the core, despite his groomed and sophisticated disposition.

Raima is verbally harassed by Sardar Saif who is continuously claiming her as his possession and ignoring her clear and continuous refusal. Sardar Saif belongs to that particular creed who treats women as an object not as a human, for people like him women are not worth than a merely a toy or something to own and to be possessed and this is the ultimate victory for them. Little they know anything about conquering a heart.

Sardar Saif uses his power and kidnaps Haris through his goons so that he can teach him a lesson. The play is very artfully portraying the helplessness of a person who has a humble background. The law for privileged ones is entirely different, they are the untouchables who have all the liberty to practice whatever they want. Kidnapping and killing a person is a just a trivial deal for them. Sardar Saif’s goons badly beat Haris and apparently he and his family seem to be helpless in front of Sardar Saif.


Well the irony is that Saad asks his chacha to help in finding out Raima’s kidnappers. Saad is extremely worried about Raima’s absence and finally, he and his friends get to know about her and Haris being kidnapped. Saad being a true gentleman tries to help them out by saying that his uncle is an MNA and he can find out who is behind this. He certainly has no idea that his dear uncle himself is the culprit. He is asking favor from his uncle to help out finding her missing class fellow. Sardar Saif is shocked and disturbed to hear Raima’s name from him.

Sardar Saif is trying his best to keep himself cool, he pretends that he is not interested to interfere in this matter by saying that it is a very sensitive issue. He also tries to vilify Raima’s character by saying that maybe she has eloped with someone but Saad clearly endorses that Raima is a girl with a sound character. Sardar Saif’s wife has sensed that there is something fishy going on. She takes Saad’s side and insists Saif on solving Saad’s matter as it is related to his friend’s problem but Saif clearly refuses. On the other hand Sardar Saif is busy with his Nikkah preparations, he threatens Raima to marry him otherwise he is going to kill Haris.

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