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Muqaddar Episode-8 Review: Raima is eventually forced to become Sardar Saif’s bride

Raima even attempts to take her own life


Drama serial Muqaddar running on GEO Entertainment is a play which truly reflects a feudal lord’s ways of life, how brutal they are and how they treat women merely as an object to possess or own, rather than treating them as humans who have right to express their own feelings and opinions. Faisal Qureshi is powerfully playing the role of Sardar Saif and Madiha Imam has also given an impressive performance.

The episode begins with a few minutes’ replays of the previous episode’s scenes, which is making no sense just a waste of time. Saad is almost pleading his uncle to solve Raima’s matter and help her family in reporting an FIR but Sardar Saif very cunningly trying to avoid him, he even tried to vilify Raima’s character by saying that she may have eloped with someone and then he also tries to question Saad that why he is taking so much interest in Raima? Even Abeera’s mother also being suspicious that why Saad is taking so much interest in her case.


Raima’s helpless is so heart wrenching she has prayed and pleaded to God to help her get out of this situation then she decides to take her life, she has made her mind that if she can’t be Haris’s then she will not going to marry Sardar at any cost. She attempts suicide by cutting her wrist but Sardar Saif’s servants timely save her. Sardar Saif threatens him that if she is not going to marry him he will going to kill Haris. Poor Raima has no other choice but to marry him.


Well, the irony is that the poor Saad is being questioned even at the mentioning of Raima’s case but his fiance is really having an affair with an actor, she is openly dating him and it seems that she is going to break her relationship with Saad soon. Haris’s helplessness seems to be so depressing, he has no option but to blame his own parents for Raima’s doom.


Raima is eventually forced to marry Sardar Saif and she is sitting on a bed of roses on her wedding night as Sardar Saif’s bride. Sardar Saif is holding a glass of wine in one hand and he tries to apologize to her in marrying her in that way on which she bluntly replies that she is never going to forgive him ever nor she is ever going to forget Haris on which Sardar Saif loses his mind and threatens her that he is going to kill him in front of her eyes which terrifies the poor Raima.

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