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Muqaddar Episode-9 Review: Raima is forced to behave like an obedient wife

Sardar Saif threatens Raima that he will kill Haris

muqaddar-episode-9-reviewIn this episode Raima is forced to behave like an obedient wife - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Muqaddar the drama serial running on GEO Entertainment is a heart-wrenching tale of a head strong girl Raima who is forced into a marriage by a feudal Sardar Saif who kidnaps her and then threatens her to marry him otherwise he is going to kill her fiance Haris. Poor Raima has got no other choice but to marry him. The play truly depicts a feudalistic mindset and the entire team of the play has done a commendable job.

The episode begins when Raima is dolled up as a bride of Sardar Saif and she is sitting on her wedding bed and Sardar Saif enters into the room with a glass of wine in one hand. He praises Raima’s beauty and says that it is the best day of his life then he apologizes to Raima for his conduct but Raima bluntly replies that she will never forgive him nor she is ever going to forget Haris.


Hearing Raima’s feelings for Haris has maddened Sardar Saif, he starts threatening Raima that he will kill Haris if she is ever going to take his name again. He further forced her to be a good and obedient wife if she wants to see her love alive. Poor Raima is forced to be in a relationship she has never imagined herself to be. Her soul is scarred forever. Well, initially it seems that Raima may fall victim to Stockholm syndrome but currently she hasn’t developed that mental disorder yet.


Well we really do not want to see a head strong girl like Raima becoming a victim of Stockholm disorder as Sardar Saif does not deserve her in any case and whatever he has done with her is not at all justified. Sardar Saif is beyond redemption. Well, what has shown up till now in the play it seems that whatever Raima is doing, she is being forced and threatened to do that. Raima has not yet developed any feelings of attachment for him in fact she really hates him.


Sardar Saif is making Raima behave like a typical obedient wife, he has given her the title of Begum Sarkar. She is forced to fulfill all rituals which wife of a Sardar used to do. There is a huge feast thrown by Sardar Saif among his workers. Raima gets shocked when an old servant of Sardar Saif wishes Raima to be a mother of Sardar Saif’s heir. Saad, on the other hand, is extremely worried about Raima and he is disappointed by his uncle’s negligence little he knows that his own uncle is the actual beast who has abducted Raima.

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