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Muqqadar Episode 28 Review: Raima is not being Raima

Raima is confronting Saif's wife like a typical wife


Muqqadar the play airing at Geo Entertainment is now turning weird. The protagonist of the play Raima (Madiha Imam) is not being Raima at all, all her acts are not gelling well with her character. She is acting like a typical spoiled wife of Saif ur Rehman (Faysal Quraishi) and the way she is flaunting her rank is not making her a positive character. Performances are simply incredible.

Well, the play is now turning strange with the protagonist not being positive, her acts are not gelling well with her character instead of empathizing with Sardar Saif’s wife and daughter, she is confronting her. Well, the question arises why in the first place she thought of coming and living at Saif’s house, what is the reason behind it? She was so peacefully living at her super luxurious house then why she thought to disturb Sardar Saif’s wife? Does not she has an idea that how painful it will be for Sardar Saif’s wife to see her as her husband’s wife? It is not making any sense.

Well Raima has not yet fallen as a victim of Stockholm Syndrome but she has certainly swayed by all the power and her position. She is not being Raima, she is proudly flaunting her position as Begum Sarkar in front of Sardar Saif’s wife. Raima is being very cruel she very proudly flaunts in front of her that she is her husband’s beloved wife crushing all feelings of the poor wife of Sardar Saif. It is certainly not what we were expecting from a kind heart girl like Raima.

Abeerah’s  (Sabeena Farooq) reaction is quite normal and the way she is disturbed is understandable, Raima should have ashamed of herself coming into their lives and home. She should have told Sardar Saif to take her back to her house but no she is so persistently living there. Abeerah is shocked to see her father taking his wife’s side and preferring Raima over her. She so harshly treats Raima, accuses her of trapping her father, and tries to vilify her character when Saad (Haroon Shahid) intervenes and stops her from doing that. Abeerah challenges him that she is not going to stop until she will throw Raima out of her house.

The ending scene is quite of bad taste where Raima is confronting Sardar Saif’s Begum like a typical wife, there is nothing like Raima in her, she has no feelings of empathy for Sardar Saif’s first wife (Ayesha Gull). She cruelly flaunts in front of her that she is Begum Sarkar her husband’s beloved wife and she is equally replying to all rude comments of Sardar Saif’s Begum. Never for once, she tries to tell her that how Sardar Saif has forcefully abducted her and forced her to marry him. Poor wife of Sardar Saif is shattered but she is resolute that she will throw Raima out of her house and Saif’s heart.

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