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Mushk Episode-9 Review: Adam Goes to Lengths to Protect Mehak

Mushk episode 9 at HUM TV once again came out stronger than ever and we clinched our wrists and Aehsun Talish helmed our favorite Imran Ashraf’s script to perfection. With a few developments and a lot of drama, Mushk episode 9 was a good watch.

On one hand, Shayan (Osama Tahir) bid farewell to his only friend Imran (Sohail Sameer) as he led his funeral and laid him to rest. Muqadar Khan (Aehsun Talish) without an iota of guilt or sadness for ruining his best friend’s life continued to protect his fake reputation.

At Mehak’ (Moomal Sheikh) end, Adam (Imran Ashraf) went to lengths to protect Mehak and her secret as he agreed to marry her while keeping the wedding at bay. Promising Dada jee to get engaged to Mehak alongside Roshni’s wedding in two weeks, Adam prevented a catastrophe from happening to his love.

At the time when tayi is preparing to marry Roshni with a proposal suggested by her lover Dr. Rana (Raja Haider), Guddi (Urwa Hocane) is busy scheming against tayi herself. From calling Saqib (Raza Talish) and warning him against Roshni’s mother, to collecting evidence that Mehak’s tayi is poisoning her taya (Hassaan Ahmed), Guddi is at the task of avenging her nemesis.

Will Guddi succeed in taking revenge, will Tayi win over everything she aims, and will Adam protect Mehak till Shayan finds his way to her, these are the questions we desperately seek answers to and only Mushk would do so.

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