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Naulakha ends on a bittersweet note!

The star-studded TV serial “Naulakha” has been the talk of the town ever since it came out. Produced by the dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the drama gained popularity as it dealt with a story of love, greed, and power. With its power-packed cast including Bahroz Sabzwari, Bushra Ansari, Sarwat Gilani, Zain Baig, and Kiran Haque, the top tier acting and storyline kept us hooked to our TV screens. Naulakha didn’t confuse us with a series of plots that don’t intersect, instead, the interweaving storylines kept it interesting to follow the journey of Zain Ali, Tehreem, and Shafaq.


After last week’s intense episode, the much awaited last episode of Naulakha delivered exactly what the audience might have wanted, but at the same time feared, in a dynamic way. The conspiracies and plotting have finally come to an end, and there is only one thing left now- repercussions. Shafaq (Kiran Haque) says to her mother in one of the scenes how she now must reap what she sows, and it is safe to say, that the last episode was all about dealing with the outcomes of what has happened so far.

Tehreem and Zain’s story has to finally come to an end. Zain did everything in his power, to try and win Tehreem back, from begging her to threatening to divorce Shafaq if she doesn’t make Tehreem come back, but he failed terribly. Tehreem finally broke out of her shackles and returned the Naulakha, ending every kind of commitment and relation that she had with the haveli or Zain Ali.

Sarwat Gilani did an amazing job portraying Tehreem on screen, when she told Zain who he really was, showed him his selfishness throughout their relationship, and asked him to do better and leave her if he still loves her. Her voice didn’t tremble, and she was shown to be strong enough to not look back, and finally let the man go she loved.

Shafaq and Zain Ali decide to live their life for their kid and be better parents for him if not anything else. The drama comes to an end on a bittersweet note, everyone has finally decided to move on with their lives and forget about their past. This meant to forget and move on from the ones they love, no matter how much pain that causes.

Naulakha, which came off as a clichéd story of a love triangle had a lot more to offer than just that. The intelligent and balanced screenplay, over the top acting and strong characters, have made it a critically acclaimed drama.

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